Vacationing with TN


Has anyone vacationed while having pain? I am currently in Jamaica and trying to get plastic utensils after Covid seems pretty hard. I’ve had to explain my condition to the staff during breakfast, lunch and dinner just to get plastic utensils. I had to let them know that the metal silverware is a trigger to my TN :weary:. I was in remission for 6 months and right before my trip remission over.

Hi JoyousJai,

Stress of any kind can trigger a flare of pain. Give yourself some time alone, even 20 minutes, to relax your jaw. I suggest taking a washcloth, running it under hot water, and holding it as a compress on the part(s) of your face with pain. I would do this after meals, if possible, and definitely before bed, too. I also would save the plastic utensils you receive for one meal, and wash them for your next meal. I hope this helps…