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Using Epitol with gabapentin and duloxintine

Hi i am taking epitol 1000mg and duloxintine 60mg which i am going thru weaning myself off of. I need help with my shocking episode. So Dr. Wants to add gabapentin. Has anyone have experience
In using these medications together?

I was on gabapentin and it sucked. Went to work one and I didn’t know my supervisor’s name. I was taking 3 pills 3x’s a day…

I think thats neurontin and works really well but the side effects arrre terrible. Sooo it depends on what you’re willing to put up with.
Best of luck

I use 600mg 3x daily of Gabapentin daily and 30mg 1x daily of duloxitine. This has helped immensely! It took a while to have the side effects of Gabapentin wear-off, and they did. I can drive and function well. And I actually started the duloxitine at 20mg and then went up to 30mg because I’m highly sensitive to medications. P.S. My Neurologist says that any time you increase Gabapentin, you will experience the side effects and have to tolerate them until they wear off again. Hope this helps!

I am one 900 mg Gabapenton X 3 daily. It took a while to get to that dosage. I also take 10 mg Baclofen 2 times a day. I find that the side effects come and go. I need to be aware of my symptoms before I get involved with activities where I do not function perfectly. Some days I do not drive etc. However, I still will have break through of the pain. Tried marijuana but was not successful. I find activities that distract me like reading and taking classes help.

Thank you all for your help. It helps me immensely reading on different reactions.

Yea I took gabapentin for about a year and helped for a bit but terrible side effects. Massive weight gain and insomnia for me. Ended up going off of it and the pain didn’t change much. But haven’t ever had it with another med besides anti anxiety and anti depressant.

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I hate Gabapentin. The side effects are terrible. Ask your doctor to talk to you about the side effects of Gabapentin before you try taking it.

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