Urgent need a Rec for TN Neuro in Washington State

Hi - new contact (friend of friend) needs a TN knowledgeable Neuro in Washington State ASAP?

Its for a Teen with TN :frowning: Please help

Hi Albee,
What part of Washington state are you looking at?

I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area for 3 years, and haven’t found a neurologist that in my opinion has in-depth knowledge and experience with TN. One neurologist prescribed a drug that causes electric shocks during withdrawal. The neurologist never informed me of this, but Dr. Google has many sites that address this effect of withdrawal. I’m not a doctor, but prescribing a drug to a TN sufferer, that can possibly cause electric shocks, doesn’t make any sense at all. In a matter of fact, it increased my anxiety.

The neurology department at the UW is supposedly quite good. So that might be something to look into.

I’m currently seeing the Neurosurgery staff at OHSU in Portland, OR. I am happy with them and their knowledge.

I don’t know any in Washington, but, there is an excellent neuro department at OSHU in Portland, Or. The neurosurgeon there is Dr. Kim Burchiel and he is the doctor who redefined the types of facial pain as TN-1, TN-2, etc. Well known among TN patients and an excellent neurosurgeon. Good luck to your daughter and I feel for her at such an early age to have this horrible affliction!