Update On Yesterday's Visit To Dr. Casey

Well any surgery was out, but I was pretty sure of that before I even went. He did talk to me about some new meds they are trying with success on some people and he thinks I would be a good one to start one of these meds. He will contact my neuro. and my nurse friend about getting me a pain Dr. I just want to say in closing. Dr. Casey is not only a great surgeon, also a very kind, caring compassionate, and even funny man.I wish there were more like him. I was in tears, unable to controlled them and he was also so understanding.Hats off to Dr. Casey!!! Wishing all much needed pain relife!!!!

Hi Dawn, was there a reason to why he will not do surgery on you ?

My GP, Neurologist and Maxi-Facial clinic here in the UK all said I was to young for any surgery, I asked about the surgery and was told they would cut the nerve which would lead to no feeling in my face and one-side of my face would drop (they said it would be the last resort).

I tried to laugh in the face of the TN pain as it does help me cope. Its quite funny really! talking can make the TN pain worst but if I laugh it can sometimes releave the pain............ :)

Best Wishes


Wes, yes the reason he would not do another mvd was he had did one back in 2006 and it failed and I had lots of trouble afterwards. I also had a faieled gamma knife in2004 which made things worse (tn1&2)thank -you for asking. Soft Hugs, dawn

I’m glad he gave you an option and thinks these new meds might work ,that equals hope!
And we know how important hope is to us…
I’m also glad he was so compassionate. He’s a rare gem that Dr. Casey from what I hear.
I hope you can start soon and find relief, positive thoughts!
((( hugs ))) Mimi xx

I’m so glad you got some answers…he IS the coolest!

Did he name the med so I could put it here on my med list for others to find it?


Hats off to Dr. Casey! He is a wonderful surgeon and a wonderful human being. He did my follow-up before I headed back home on a Sunday and we talked Army. He had an Army jacket on (he is still serving our country) and I'm an Army brat. We compared some of our moves. Glad he could give you another option for a med.

Thanks to all for your replies, Dr. Casey is not one just to do surgery unless he feels it will help relive pain or has a pretty good chance. In my case I had a mvd done in 2006 by Dr. Casey and we talked about all the problems I had, so that's why he offered some newer meds. to try because I have been through all the ones Kc has put out for everyone, different combinations and am starting them all over again. So I am hoping these new ones might help. He is sending my neurologists a letter also the RN that is helping me find a pain Dr. Dr. Casey new of a few.So as soon as I get the letter I will post those new meds. Wishing everyone the best painfree day possible!!! Soft Hugs, dawn

So glad to know you were met with kindness and compassion. I pray that you will soon have a pain doc and that the new meds would give you relief.