Update on Shindig

Here is a message from Shindigs partner

Hello, Jackie -

I am Shindigs girlfriend and he asked me to send you an email with updates on his surgery so you could post in the trigeminal neuralgia forum.

His surgeon just came to talk to me. Lee's surgery was successful and he is currently in recovery; I should be able to see him in an hour. He has a vein AND an artery growing into his nerve. His surgery took about 4 1/2 hours. I'm attaching a photo that the surgeon passed along. The white mark is his nerve and the big red blob on the left is the artery cutting into the nerve. Looks painful!

I will be sure to pass along another update when I've talked to Lee.

Thank you for helping be a support for him. I cannot imagine what him and others are going through.

Small update

I just returned home from the hospital. Lee is doing well. He is sleeping a lot, which is certainly to be expected. He has complained of a headache and a little nausea, also to be expected. The worst pain is where they made the incision behind his ear, which the surgeon warned us about. They had to move the muscles in that area, which is what's causing the pain at the moment.


Oh my, wow!! Shindig, so happy to hear that your surgeon found the cause. Amazing!
I pray you wake up with NO more TN pain as a result!! All the best of wishes for your recovery!
((( hugs ))), Mimi xx

Hey darlin!!!
Will post a photo tomorrow of Shindigs Trig nerve. Oh my gosh, it looked bad. On the IPad just before bed and it’s an old one and does not allow photo posting, either that or I am too thick to know how!

Mimi, so good to know you have no TN pain xxxxx

Mimi said:
Oh my, wow!! Shindig, so happy to hear that your surgeon found the cause. Amazing!
I pray you wake up with NO more TN pain as a result!! All the best of wishes for your recovery!
((( hugs ))), Mimi xx

fabulous! What a relief to have found the culprit. All my thoughts and best wishes for a “bye-bye” TN pain and good recovery. Thanks for posting.

Great News from your lovely boyfriend, give him all our best. xx

Shindig, such wonderful news for you, thank goodness ,it truely validates this horrific pain you have been trying to endure. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the monster has be irradicated! Yeah! God Bless Shindig and so happy for you. Thanks Jackie thank you and Shindigs sweetie for the update

My Best to you


Yeah! So happy for you! I can almost see those fish jumping up now. And only a few of us TRULY understand that the weather still has a ways to go until its nice enough to really be out in. Take care, you are in our prayers. So happy for your good news!

Yeah! So glad to hear the surgery was a success. Can’t wait to see the picture! I wish I had gotten pics or video!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Continued prayers for healing:)

Take it eassssssy for the next three weeks and

we're glad you got it done!


So glad your surgery was successful. Validation is wonderful but the icing on the cake is being pain free. One by one people are being helped with MVD surgery. I pray you all have pain free days friends.

So pleased that the surgery went well, thank you for the update.

Sending shindig big healing hugs.


What is so encouraging is Shindig suffered from TN2 only, and yet an MVD found there was a vein and artery growing into his nerve! There is hope for TN2s! Please encourage him to take it easy, I know your young and want to get back to normal but please tell him not to over due it! xx

Fantastic! Way to go Shindig! Rest, Rest, Rest! You will get stronger everyday, My prayers are with you.

So happy for you Shindig, Praying you will be pain free.

yayyy this is such great news! hope things only get better from here on out, wishing you all the best!!

This is so crazy if you look at the very top just above the the area where something is wrapped around the nerve looks like an outline of someones face being pushed in on the right side. can not believe the visual. lee hope you are recovering well and wish you nothing but the best for a swift recovery resulting in a Pain free one as well. This pic is amazing! God Bless

My Best to you


Hello, everyone. Shindig's girlfriend here. I just wanted to formally send along my sincere thanks to each and every person on this forum.

After a long day yesterday of waiting, waiting, waiting, and sitting by Shindig's bedside, I returned home -- tired, but optimistic about his recovery. I decided to search around for the forum he mentioned to see if his update has been posted. What I found was so much more than just an update.

I found a community that truly empathizes with Shindig, who knows what he has been through, who understands the frustration and pain and day-to-day struggles. I am not an emotional gal or a crier, but I sat at my computer reading all of your kind words, and I was overcome with emotion. Thank you so much for being a support for us. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Thank you for talking about the good and the bad.

I am just getting ready to visit Shindig again, and will be certain to keep you all updated on his progress.

Again. Thanks!

To: Shindigs Girl

Thank YOU for being there for him -- we know our loved ones are also put through grief, pain, anger, sadness, all along our journey while we are drugged up and in pain

-- some loved ones cannot handle it, and some peope have no support at all!

Nobody to be their cheerleader when they wake up.

Or family that just "put up" with all these pain antics and drama (because all we want is attention) HAH - because they cannot feeeeel it. But you don't have to feel the worst pain known to man --- to love somebody and be there! : )