Update on my TN

Sorry I haven't posted in while but I wanted to give an update. Last November 2014 I started having shocks in my face after going for 8 months with no pain while just on medicine (2700mg gabapentin & 1200mg of oxcarbazapine), so when I seen my neurologist he sent my to Dr. Carfrae inDes Moines who does the Cyberknife and I went and talked to him he set me up for the Cyberknife at the end of January 2015. I am happy to say that it has helped me so far, (I always put say that and knock on wood also). No more shocks after the treatment. Boy did I look funny with the mask on. The only thing I feel now is pressure sometime in my forehead on the right and my right cheek. I am back to walking outside again so maybe I can start to lose some weight I gained from the medicine I am on. I am taking 2700mg of Gabapentine but I am starting to wean off of that and I have already stopped taking oxcarbazapine. I did tell my neurologist that I don't want off the gaba completely because I know that this can come back and I want some of it in my system to hopefully keep it from coming back full force.

I don't know how many people have had the Cyberknife but for me it has worked.


Sandy McGee

Always good to hear any success stories! I hope the days ahead are pain free and happy for you :)

Thank You justjane.