Update on Mimi

Here is an update on our dear Mimi, written by her daughter. I will try to keep it stuck at the top as much as possible.

Hello Everyone

So mom (Mimi) has just been wheeled away to the OR. All morning she has been very calm and ready for the procedure today. Mom is very tired probably due to her lack of sleep, lucky she gets to sleep all day! I think we all have been ready for today and we are all really confident things will go swimmingly. Now its just the waiting game as her surgery can take anywhere from 3-5 hours it will be a very long day!

Wandering the halls trying not to get lost we spotted DR. k, moms neurosurgeon headed to the OR. He was smiling and in great spirits which mom would say is a good auspicious sign ;)

So hopefully in a few hours we will know more and we will update you all with the news of her procedure! Keep Her in your thoughts and prayers! I know we are all grateful for your support <3


Another update

Good News

Doctor K just spoke with us. The surgery was successful in that he did find blood vessels pressing on Mom's nerve both from above and also from below. Pressure from below is rare, however this was the main culprit in Mom's pain. Of course as most of you know we can't expect immediate results. She still has a 50% chance of being pain free or having reduced pain. Therefore we still won't know if the procedure worked until the coming days/weeks, but there is good news in that the doctor did find more than he expected and completed the surgery with success! Now mom is in recovery for another two hours or so and then we will be able to visit her.

Thanks again for everyone's support and prayers, still hope that her pain will be relieved and she will make a full recovery.


Day two update from Mimi's family

Hospital Day 2

So day two at the hospital! Mom is awake, lucid and even a bit talkative. Besides a little bit of swelling she looks great! We have Told her of everyone's love, support and messages and she is overwhelmed and thankful!

After the surgery the only major things she has been dealing with is a very strong headache/pressure and nausea which are both to be expected! They are trying to give her Meds to alleviate these symptoms but she is handling them very well!

Later today mom will be moved to a semi private room with one other patient which will be much better and allow her to hopefully get some rest. Maddie and I leave tonight so the updates from here will be from dad.

Thanks for your love


Hospital Day 3

Written 28 minutes ago by C

Each day brings more smiles on the road to recovery.

Arrived to her semi private room this morning and she is looking really good...all things considered.

Not the greatest sleep last night. She did have her hair washed this morning ...which always makes you feel better ...and we went for a short walk down the hall. Still dealing with nausea from the anaesthetic .

She mentioned to me that they said they might release her today...um, I think that might be the meds talking....or her strong determination on getting better talking. Sometime tomorrow might be a better prediction.

Thank you for all the notes. It is very much appreciated . I have read them all to her.


Ps. Weather here is finally above zero. :-)
Hospital Day 4

Written 1 hour ago by C

Whoo hoo! Discharge day!....not sure when though...could be later this afternoon or early evening. Great news to hear.

Mimi is starting to come around a bit more. Still feeling the nausea, and of course pain from the surgery. We did a couple more laps around the ward as well.

Best news - no TN pain since surgery! No lightning bolts through the face which is awesome !

Mimi didnt get much sleep again last night so she is looking forward to a restful sleep tonight back at the hotel once we bust out of here. "Start the car!....Start the car!" :-)

Thanks again for all your comments and support.

Awesome news - Miriam just got discharged from the hospital!

She is doing well and is very happy to be out of the hospital.

Heading back to the hotel and celebrating with a nap.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Hi it's Mimi..
I am home and sooooo happy to be here...
I'm exhausted and not really able to write much today, but I wanted to update you all and most importantly say ;
THANK-YOU so very much for all your love, support and prayers.
Craig, Jess and Maddie would read your messages to me ( a few times because I'd forget). : )

My main focus is sleep (insomnia) along with pain & nausea control...
No TN pain !!!

I'll write more in a few days,
Much love, Mimi, xo

Jackie thanks for the update on Mimi had her in my prayers last nite and today. Its great that her daughter is able to keep us posted thru you. Everyone is so supportive on this site. Simply amazing. Will check back best to Mimi and her family, know she is going to have great outcome!
My Best

Thank you Jackie. She has been on my mind all day. She is such a joyful soul even in her suffering, an unusual quality to say the least. Will continue to pray that all her joy comes back to her.

Healing Prayers~

Thanks Jessica. Sending all my love and prayers to your mom. She was one of my first friends here as I live pretty close to yinz. All my good thoughts are heading southeast from Pittsburgh. Hugs and good thoughts to yinz all.

Yay! I sure hope this takes care of things for her. Thanks for the update Jackie!

Oh I hope that because they definitively found issues with blood vessels pressing on that nerve is a big factor on the success of the procedure. From what I have read and heard it increases a more promising outcome with pain reduction. Lets all pray that it does. Thanks for the update.

Very cool! Sounds like a definite success

This is awesome news Jessica in the coming days tell Mom been thinking of her with nothing but positive energies for her recovery
My Best to you
Thanks again for the update Jackie!

Jessica - this is such good news:D, thanks for taking the time to write. My thoughts and warm wishes have been with your mother all day. The very best to you and your family. Praying for a steady recovery with good results. Looking forward to further posts.

Thanks to you as well, Jackie:)

Xoxo Bellalarke

I hope your mom is having a smooth transition into icu and has as pleasant a night as possible in there. Sounds like there is great reason to expect a fantastic outcome for her! Sending all my positive vibes from Texas!

Thanks for the good news Jessica, hoping that things to go well for your mum. Let’s hope she is going to be 100% pain free.

It is kind of you to give us an update.
Take care


I am so happy to hear that things went well. Were these compressions visible on her MRI? I am scheduled for my MRI with Dr.K this fall. Hearing things went well for your mom makes me feel good on so many levels? Each TN sufferer rejoices when one of us found relief. Are you in Winnipeg?

yay! I am so happy Mimi had surgery and came out ok. I can't wait to hear from her on how she's feeling.

Anxiously awaiting how she is today after her night in icu. I’ve been there twice now so I know it may take a few days for another update!


So happy for the updates!


3rd day update on Mimi