Living With Facial Pain


Hey everyone! I've been doing really well last few months :) I still feel twinges and pressure/heat on my face, but nothing horrible. I am super happy about that! :) I am super stressed, exhausted, which isn't anything new, and back to normal activities, work, kids stuff, etc. I'm taking all my meds religiously (even have an alarm set on my phone to take my mid afternoon dose). I'm still using oxcarbazepine 600mg three times a day for my TN. Also taking my Lexapro and clonazepam for my depression and anxiety and it all seems to be working really good. Other than gaining a shit ton of weight this past year (40 lbs) I've been doing well. I'm very happy about that! Anyway, just wanted to update. Hope everyone here is having relief from pain and anxiety. Love you all.

May your relief from pain last forever! Enjoy every moment