Update from recovery from my MVD surgery

I am now 5 months out. I have a burning mouth syndrome now and permanent numbness in cheek, chin, tongue and lips. My surgeon was hopeful on previous visit that an increase in my medication would help resolve the problem. Unfortunately by my return visit yesterday my symptoms have worsened. He does not feel any other surgeries would help, and prescribed some new medications to help ease the pain.

I wouldn't say my surgery was a failure, as it has helped with the pain I had before. That pain was worse that this I am dealing with now. I would like to think that there would be a possibility of one day being pain free, but at this point my hope is fading.

Thank you to all those of you that share stories, answer questions, ask questions and most of all to those that started this website.

Much luck to you and may your days be pain free.

You must try r-lipoic acid for your burning mouth syndrome. I suffered for 1 yr before I discovered it. And right after I cured myself I got diagnosed with tn. I wish u the best.

Hi Betty,

Did you experience numbness right after you got out of your MVD surgery or did the numbness slowly come on? I had MVD surgery almost a month ago and was totally numb on the side of the surgery. I'm talking about everything was numb. My forehead, temple, cheek, chin tongue, lips, scalp...everything. The right side of my face feels frozen (very hard). My surgeon was very surprised since this has never happen to any of his patients. He told me it should clear up within 3 months. My numbness has gotten better. My forehead, tongue and lips are about 30% numb. I am getting some feelings back in some areas of my scalp. My cheek and chin are still very numb. It drives me nuts because it feels weird 24/7. The numbness gets worse when I'm too active like talking, eating, and having the cold AC in the car blowing in my face. I wish this numbness will go ahead. Other than this, my MVD is a success. I had zero TN pain since surgery and I was off all meds (pain med and TN med) after two weeks post surgery.