Ultrasound device - treatment for TN pain?

Hi All,

I came across this site and a device being used to treat TN pain. Has anyone ever heard of it or used this?

This is the link www.nanovibronix.com/Nano/Templates and Ive attached a pic and an extract from the site of it.



394-PossiblePainrelief1machineearTrigeminalnerve.doc (63.5 KB)

thats one of the first thing i saw when i was researching tn ..i know its expensive. I don't think it works or everyone on here would have been screaming it from the rooftops. Its sad people take advantage of people who are in pain cause they know you'll do anything to get relief beware! I have tried an reg. ultrasound machine on my face and it shocked me and i don't get shocks i have type 2 i have also tried cold laser which didn't do squat. Ive done accupuncture and chiropractic the accupuncture didn't work i've done it twice and chiropractic helped some but my pain would always return

I agree with jstagrl, if it worked, we would ALL have told each other on this site and all of us would have one.

Hi jstagrl29 and Donna,

Thanks so much for your replies and information, much appreciated :) I read another persons comments the other day(unfortunately I cant remember the name) who advised how well acupuncture works, so one never knows. Its so great that we can communicate ideas, findings, medication and ask questions.This site is a blessing.

I wish you both a lovely day.


I just now discovered this technology and I am so excited!

I have worked in medical device research and development. There are so many great treatments that never get enough funding to prove they work or to get to market. The FDA approval process is daunting. It takes several years and an incredible amount of funding. Not to mention the influence of big pharma on the medical industry… especially for TN. We represent lifelong recurring revenue – a highly lucrative business model!

This product is backed by sound, documented research and compelling testimonials. There is a great deal of scientific evidence for the efficacy of ultrasound treatment for neurological conditions. (Check out the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, which is having amazing results with Parkinson’s, and is researching the effectiveness for TN.)

This is well worth a try and I intend to find the money to do so. If I could get back the money I have lost over the years due to not having insurance, paying out-of-pocket for meds, the MVD, and being unable to work or function at full capacity, I would have more than enough for this treatment. God willing, I will find a way and I’ll be happy to report the results!

God bless you… praying for healing, strength, peace and total and complete wellness for us all.