It never gets easier to hear “we don’t know what causes it” come from the neurologists mouth. I called to “check in” to let them know how the Lyrica is working for me, I explained that I thought that it was working there for a second, but now I’m not sure. I had a pain free week, which never happens, only to be followed by 4 straight days of pain (with today being the worst). I also explained that I really can’t figure out what’s triggering it right now…and the reply above was what I got. It just makes me feel so hopeless on days such as these. I also explained that I had not had a period since starting Lyrica. I told her that I had seen online that many others had experienced the same while taking it. I was then told that she had no record of Lyrica causing such a problem and “the Internet is not a valid source of information.” I understand that using the net is not smart when trying to diagnose yourself and such…but actual people stating that they had experienced the same is a little different. I get tired of being talked to like a child when I claim that certain side effects are taking place. I also get tired of feeling like the patients that actually have TN are more informed than the doctors & nurses who are responsible for treating it, and helping me find relief. I’m sorry I’m rambling, but today just hurts in my heart. I’m so exhausted with trying to balance meds, side-effects, and work. Mistakes at work are more frequent now that I am taking Lyrica and my customers talk to me like I am stupid as a result. I hate the way my body looks now as a result of the other med that I’m on(I have gained about 50 lbs.) I just had to have a good cry & a good rant in a place where I knew I would be understood. Tomorrow will be a new day…here’s to hoping that it’s a better one.

I'm so sorry you are feeling so horrible. I kind of feel like we have to do our own research. I really like my neurologist and his nurse, but TN wasn't even explained to me when I was diagnosed. I have learned tons in the last 5 or 6 weeks from this community and the net. After researching Lyrica I found out that I would probably need to slowly increase the dose. I called my nurse to ask and I'm now on a schedule for that. I do feel that Lyrica makes me feel stupid also, but I try to remind myself that I'm not...we just desperately want to feel better. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

I’m sorry your having a rough day that stinks. I just wanted to give you hug. Don’t give up, and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you.

You could ask your pharmacist any med related questions - they are not usually patronizing!

It could be the lyrica or the stresses of TN that messed up your cycle.

If you can - perhaps look for another doc, one who has better bedside manners / and/or has more TN patients.., Keep venting here!

Forgot to mention that Lyrica is the med I was on when I had to quit my new job. I could no longer do complicated reports or drive clients around. I felt drunk and laughed a lot - but didn't kill the pain and my IQ like trileptal did!

Kc Dancer Kc said:

You could ask your pharmacist any med related questions - they are not usually patronizing!

It could be the lyrica or the stresses of TN that messed up your cycle.

If you can - perhaps look for another doc, one who has better bedside manners / and/or has more TN patients.., Keep venting here!

Thanks ya’ll. I appreciate the support and your taking time to respond. “Longtobepainfree”, I feel like we do have to do our own research…and I don’t mind that. It’s the fact that nothing that I say or find matters to the doctors. All signs are pointing to finding a new doc. I’ve found a few on this site that are at two of the local hospitals. After Christmas, (when I actually have extra time and money) I’m going to look into seeing one of them. KcDancer, my job keeps me stressed out 24-7…which doesn’t help when it comes to the pain…but for that reason I’m not sure if stress would cause the change in my cycle or not. I swear I was born stressed out…lol. Thank you, again, for the encouragement. I felt kinda stupid this morning for blurting all of that out. I forget that ya’ll “get it.” Kari, thank you for the cyber hug. All hugs are needed and welcome…especially on the rough days. This morning hasn’t been extremely painful…so, so far so good. I hope you all have a good day, today. hugs

So sorry you're having a bad day. HUGS!

Here you can vent, scream or cry and we shall not mind or judge. We understand, and that’s more than most Dr’s and nurses. I am lucky that my surgery have weekly staff meetings and discuss difficult cases and they keep one another informed if I have a pain crisis. I wish I could say the same for all my friends here,but alas I don’t often read that.
Big hugs, I know TN is a b****er!

Thanks for the support, yall - it really does make all the difference. :slight_smile:

Well ladies…it turns out that I am pregnant. Considering that the chances of me becoming pregnant were slim to none, and I am with a very helpful, supportive, and compassionate man, I’m ecstatic. Considering the pain has been excruciating, and even waking me up at night, AND pain med intake will have to be minimal, if any, I’m scared. Anywhoo…figured I’d explain that it wasn’t the Lyrica I was taking. I’m completely off of it now. Next on the list was Trileptal. We’ll be holding off on that. I’ll be calling the doc(s) later this morning for advise and to make appointments.

Congratulations!! What a wonderful; Christmas gift! Some mums to be do report a big diminishing of pain when pregnant. I have my fingers crossed that you are one of them.

Congrats! So excited for you!! Xox

:slight_smile: thanks y’all (:

Oh your welcome and a big congrats to you and your hubby:) how excitin! Please keep us updated on how you and your little bean are doing. Make sure to inform all of your doctors and try to get them to work together for you and your beand health. Hugs and Abigail congrats again to you:)