Two weeks post-op MVD...question Ear fullness?

Well yesterday marked two weeks post op…
I’m well, lots of resting as this week my energy levels are way lower than the first week. First week must have been an adrenalin rush …lol
Staples came out Friday, my head feels much better and it’s now easier to get comfy when lying down.
I’m only taking Advil or Tylenol 3s occasionally as my pain from surgery is lessening. The incision pain as well as the bruised spots from the halo…neck is feeling better each day as well.
The insomnia is getting better, I think this also is from the decrease in meds.

My meds have been reduced hard core! I can slowly feel the clarity returning…
The plan from my Neurosurgeon was to be off all meds by the end of this week, BUT I think he forgot I have TN1 on the right. So, I’m going to stay on 800mg Tegretol for awhile to keep the right happy.

I have felt some slight TN pain on mvd side, very mild deep within my ear as well as a little pain in my lower teeth. Not concerned…

My biggest concern is this constant ear fullness that I developed around day 3 or 4 post op. I know from reading here that many of you developed it as well.
I’m deaf in that ear as a result and it’s super annoying! I hate to complain as I’d much rather this than TN pain.
Just wondering when it goes away??
I know we’re all different but I’d love to get an idea…

One day at a time…
(( hugs )) Mimi

Hi Mimi — I also had ear fullness and it was FREAKING me out. Well come to find out, they packed in a wax of some sort to help ensure there wouldn't be any cranial fluid leakage. They never told me about the wax when I woke up and I ended up calling and asking my ear and why I couldn't really hear and my ear was so full — like I wanted to pop it but it wouldn't.

Anyhow — the wax ended up dissolving on it's own in about 12 days, just like they said.

I'm not sure that is the same thing that is going on with you but it sounds totally similar and it freaked me out. But like I said, the wax dissolved on its own. My Dr. said it could take up to like 20 days.

Hope that helps!! XO Jessica

Hi Mimi,
I also had decreased hearing…on both sides, with fullness on the MVD side starting around post op day 3. My hearing returned to normal in a few weeks. I did see a doctor for the hearing loss and he gave me an Rx for steroids as he said that sometimes helps with the hearing loss but by the time I had the Rx filled my hearing was okay. 4 months later my ear sometimes pops. I also had little twinges in my teeth but that is mostly gone now, hopefully forever. I started using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and am taking B vitamins. I really don’t know if either is effective but it can’t hurt.
It was 6 weeks following surgery before I felt I could get by without a nap. Hang in there, you will improve.

Thanks Ladies, appreciate it!
Hopefully sooner than later!
I’m pretty sure it’s not the wax you mentioned Jessica but similar feeling for sure!
It’s so awkward !

I do not think I got the wax. I have the idea to lie on a heating pad and melt it out faster.

If it is not the wax, it may be just trapped fluid and congestion from surgery. Even if you are not feeling congested. I had a turn around by using decongestants and some diuretic teas(one can get pills also). However I also experienced this feeling before the surgery from my TN. I am a long time sinus disease suffer and spent the last few years complaining about some mystical painful pressure full ear infection I had that was really TN but I did not know it at the time. So with the sinus history, doctors have taught me tricks like to use Sinuflo nasal rinse( or for pressure build up I hold my nose and blow as to pop my ears once I get the congestion flowing out of my ears. I use Vicks or Olbas oil type inhalants for decongestants also. These trick come in handy when I really do have an ear or sinus infection.

Now 10 weeks post op and still have some days of ear pain. However I had several set backs to add to ear pressure and now I am feeling better so is my ear. 4 weeks post op I caught the flu that lasted 4 weeks, then it turned into a sinus infection. Now that I am on antibiotic's I am not as worried that my neuralgia pain is returning. My face and teeth are feeling much better after a week of antibiotic's. So we will see now that I am back on the road to recovery how much more pain is gone.

Healing together, Tree

Hi Mini!!! my ear felt like having a
clock inside it (tic-toc) it went away in about 4 weeks I also had blur vision on the op side that didnt fully cure I now wear glasses…but I dont care as long as the pain doesnt come back …Its been a 13 mounths since my surgery and Im about 80% better I feel discomfort when Im very stressed like now… my mom passed away last April 11 it was hard she also had TN…so hang in there everything will be alright…

I too had the fluid and ear fullnesd on my MVD side, lasted about a month or so I think.

Speedy healing to you.

How quickly I forgot the tinnitis that I had for a few days along with the hearing loss. I had to go to sleep with the TV turned up loud enough to drown out the heartbeat I heard constantly. Thanks Delia for reminding me.

Hi Mimi

Yes I had deafness, then a tickling feeling in my ear for several weeks. Annoying!!! glad everything going well for you though.


Thanks for your replies!
It’s really such a silly thing but it’s just sooooo annoying, makes me feel uneasy I guess.
At least I am reassured it will not last!
: )

I had a little crackling sounds in my ear for a short time and it was explained to me that the different ear sensations result from the acoustic nerve being a little traumatized during some manipulation during the surgery. I was assured this was the acoustic nerve healing and returning to normalcy & that it was a temporary sensation. It all went away in a few weeks.

Sorry that I'm late for the party :)

My ear "fullness"/hearing loss lasted almost 5 weeks. I ended up going to my GP because I was worried that something had gone wrong and it was never going to get better. And of course, the next day it started improving a lot and it went away quickly. It was weird. Not much improvement the first couple of weeks and then it was back to normal within a couple of days.

Thanks ihold, better late… :slight_smile: always good to hear about others experiences!
Mine left week 3! Such a relief…the pressure, imbalance and minimal hearing drove me nuts!
As I’ve said, I’d rather that than TN pain though.