Twitching of the hands

Is anyone having twitching of the hands? seems that I have been twitching lately, and dropping things if I have anything in my hand when it happens.

Do you think the medications have anything to do with it?

Yes, I had that a lot when I first started Tegretol. It’s better now that I’ve gotten used to it.

Yes I have it too. Although it’s only in the mornings for me. I take Tegretol to so maybe that’s what’s causing it.

I twitch so much. My husband nicknamed me Twitch for a while. I have dropped things also. It feels like my hand just suddenly goes weak. I also take Tegretol, so perhaps it is the one. I’m glad I’m not alone with my twitchiness. Not that I’m glad you guys twitch. You know what I mean, I hope. :slight_smile:

I have it too, but I take gabepentin.

AEDs Tegratol @1800mg a day caused this with me. Stopped when dosage reduced.

Yes! I’m glad I’m not losing my mind! My hands and my legs have started twitching like crazy since I’ve started taking Tegretol last month.

I had it for a few weeks, but it happened after I had the MVD operation.
My left hand would shake so bad I had to put the item down as well. But I haven’t had it in about a month now:)
So no idea what caused it.

I just started taking Nortriptyline (lowest dose) and have noticed that once a day my left hand trembles for a short time and I have to wait for it to stop in order to type on my computer, I also noticed it when I was holding something between my thumb and forefinger on my left hand once. I start taking a higher dose tonight and am worried that this medication is at fault. By the way, I took Tegretol for a year and Trileptal for a few months and got very very sick and had to be hospitalized for “Hyponatremia”. It seems that for some people these drugs sap the sodium from your system and the outcome is really BAD. So any of you that are taking these drugs, have a blood test done regularly to watch your sodium level. Normal is greater than 135.

I’m glad other people have this! I thought it was just me.

My hands definitely twitch and drop things! I thought it was part of my myoclonic epilepsy but glad to know others have it as side effect to meds, I’m also taking Tegretol and gabapentin so maybe that’s what’s going on with me.

Yes I twitch day and night ( keeping shop in business buying cups