Twinges Back After Long Hiatus

Like an old friend, my twinges are back to greet me every morning, especially as I try to have breakfast. I noticed last night and this morning they even come when just adjusting myself in bed, or leaning down to look at something.

It has been a nice while without them, maybe a year or so consistently? They seem to come back in bursts, and i don't have concrete answers why. I think one thing that may affect them is getting some acne right over the nerve centre, between cheek bone and ear on my right side. I could be wrong, but it seems that whenever I get severe acne in that area it precipitates about 1-2 weeks of twinges. Perhaps it's actually a deeper infected pore/cyst that goes down and irritates the nerve? My medication dosing is steady so I isn't caused by a laps in that area.

I also wonder how it's possible for people who suffer with TN to get the feeling like the pain is 'building up'. How can pain build up? How can you feel it do this? Are we like cathodes that charge up with electrical energy, then release it once full? What is really going on to either cause this phenomenon, or to cause the sensation that something is 'building up'? I get this very feeling much like the rest of you, but I often wonder how or what could cause it.

I have a plate of eggs sitting before me that's gone cold now as I contemplate eating it and facing the inevitable twinges. Will one of these cause breakthrough pain? The kind of pain i haven't felt in half a decade? Or, will it just be several shocking twinges? I would prefer neither, so i could get back to my favorite thing: enjoying food and the act of eating!


Hi Eric, sorry the beast is coming back to haunt you. It is starting to show its ugly head to me again too. Little zings here and there, deep searing pain creeping in. I can feel the pain building too. That’s an apt way to describe it. Hope your having a pain free day.