TV-45070 // new pain med in trials!

Wondering if anyone here has heard of TV-45070. It’s a new pain med in development by Teva Neuroscience and Xenon. I just read an article in this month’s Wired magazine about it and it blew my mind. I did a Google search on it and came up with this from Teva - could be promising

I hadn’t previously heard of this medication, but there are some other, more recent articles about it. Still seems like it’s unclear whether this medication will be proven effective.

If it was from a company other than TEVA I would have a look see.
I find TEVA to be the worst-especially their tylenol 3’s.But that is just me.

I’ve been on Teva’s meds before. I have no qualms with them. It’s just exciting that they are at least looking into developing a pain medicine that works in this specific way. Hopefully there’s a pay off.

thank you a lot for the news

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Has anyone out there tried cannabis juicing for pain?

Thank you for sharing this news. I wonder if there have been any new developments with this or other medications.