Trying not to freak out!

When I first started my journey with TN and ATN it was a couple of decades ago. I was cleaning my teeth on the right side and shoved the toothbrush into the inside of my mouth. That's when I lost the plot thinking I'd had a stroke!! Over a couple of weeks the numbness spread to my .........well allover that side really! My nose would run and my eye water because it was numb and if I walked into a cool room it would go warm and visa versa. Dizziness was a constant as well.

Long back story short, I was diagnosed with a form of migraine and it came and went over the years. Eventually a few years ago it manifested itself as TN then changed again into the ATN I have now, painful numbness, ( like a dentist's anaesthetic wearing off) burning and pain. My Neuro found me fascinating and said that all those years back it was ATN as well.

Now to the freak out, sorry it took so long. Last Sunday I noticed a numb patch on my top lip, on the other side!!!!!! Since then the numbers has spread, roof of my mouth, side of my nose, cheek and eyelid. EXACTLY HOW THE OTHER SIDE STARTED. I walked into an air conditioned room this morning and my face became warm.

Can this possibly now be becoming bi lateral??

I hope not…I really am sorry

Hi Catwoman,

I am sorry that you are having bilateral symptoms. I am bilateral. I had it on the left for year before it started on the right. I generally don't have pain on both sides at the same time but it can switch back and forth. Unfortunately, bilateral ATN is not as rare as is believed.


I hope not. One side is enough. I have the same symptoms you have, only just right side. Keep strong and wishing you pain free days.

I've begun to have symptoms on the opposite side as well. Had gamma knife on right side on March 3 -- positive results. But now I'm feeling twinges on the left side. Ugh!

So are your symptoms from migraine or ATN? I only ask as I have chronic vestibular migraines and when they started 3years ago I’ve developed numbness and burning throbbing nasal passages and roof of mouth that is just getting worse! I was told last week I don’t have tn as I don’t get classic shocks but that I have tmd with myofascial pain…mbut could not answer what is wrong with my nose roof of mouth except it’s some sort of autonomic issue! I’m so upset and very scared about this any advice would be great thanks xx

Thank you everyone for replying. I've now had the numbness for a week and the past two days the whole roof of my mouth is numb and burning as far back as my tonsils.

Bubble apparently I never did have migraine, it was a misdiagnosis I guess based more on the lack of pain than anything else. It was a different Neuro way back then.