Trileptal and tremors

74 year-old male. Typical TN started about 10 years ago, relieved by Tegretol, but the potential liver effects and requirement for frequent blood tests of taking Tegretol bothered me. After research, switched to Trileptal, but also had an MVD which relieved pain for several years, but pain has returned as ATN and for which I take trileptal, if not in periodic remission. A few months ago pain (pressure at top of mouth causing extreme electric shocks in eye socket) increased markedly.

So, neuro put me on a stepped increase of Trileptal from 600 mg per day up to 2400 as needed. However, I started getting tremors,and as I approached about 1800 or so, it affected me more in my gait and in my awareness and lucidity. Fortunately, it has partially remissed, and I am back to 600 - 750 mg/day with no pain.

FYI, I do a LOT of exercise - swimming (1.5 hours today), resistance training, bicycling and walking. These don't seem to make a difference with the effects or need for trileptal.

Any thoughts, responses?