Trileptal and baclofen cocktail anyone?

I have TN1 and have been 5 years lucky with only 600 mg of trileptal and only two relapses. Now getting horrible breakthrough pain nonstop and not controlled by1350mg of trileptal and neuro wants to add on baclofen.

Just wondering if anyone had had success with this combo after trileptal has stopped working and any side effecs they had. I’m nervous to add on another med…

Anyone? Thanks!

Hi ayoung,
Although I’m not on trileptal, I just started adding Baclofen to my 1600mg of Tegretol , the only side effects I’m experiencing from the 40mg Baclofen is some nausea.
I think I might need to add an anti nausea med.
I too am struggling for relief of non stop breakthrough pain…good luck to you!!
Hope you find some relief soon, (( hugs )) mimi

That is my cocktail but never got above 900 with 50 mg Baclofen. Normally was at 300 Trileptal with 20mg of Baclofen. Suggest you give it a try & Baclofen wasn’t as hard on me as the higher doses of Trileptal.

Thank you! I guess at this point, it really can’t hurt!

Hi!! I have TN 2…with electric pains and a constant underlying burning pressure pain…all 3 branches of the nerve on the left side of my face. I take 1800mg trileptal, 40mg of baclofen, 60mg of cymbalta, and 20mg of amytripyline. The combo is awesome. My pain is very well controlled, and I have many painfree days:) TN 2 responds better to a combo of meds. Antiseizure, muscle relevant, and a tricylic antidepressant. I also have a peripheral nerve stimulator. After many failed procedures including a failed MVD I am extremely grateful for any painfree days!! Hope this helps.((HUGS))