Trigeminal Neuralgia - Returned 11 years post surgery

Hi all,

May 1st, 2003 I had surgery for ATN. Until 3 weeks ago, I thought it was gone for good. I had a few scares over the years where I had a few shocks but they never amounted to anything. I found this group after one such scare that didn't amount to anything.

I had 2 dental implants done 4 weeks ago and the pain just wouldn't go away. Two weeks after the implants where done, I started to get shocks. Now, I'm getting the shocks with pain almost continually. The symtoms are different this time. I'm getting shocks in my check that are causing this horrible tic. My check is hurting a lot just from the tics. Has anyone else have this happen? If so, has anything helped with the check pain?

As anyone had tn reoccur this long after post surgery before? If so, did it go along the same path as last time - not responding to medication, constant pain? The type of pain is different but it is constant.

I know I asked a few questions but I just done know what to do. I thought this was gone for good.



Sorry, I can't keep my dates straight. I'm not used to the new medication. I said 3 and 4 weeks. It was 4 weeks ago for the implants.

Are you going to get the implants removed?

So far what I've been told is that will not help. The nerve is already having problems. Removing the implants will not help. I still have a few specialists to see. If they recommend it, I will.

I can’t say that I have had any previous surgery for ATN. I can tell you that when I had an old metal filling replaced is when I started having Continuous ear pain and pain in all three regions of the Trigeminal nerve. I really hope yours improves through.

I haven't had a remission for that length of time. But what I can that I started out having mouth pain with TN in 05. Then in 2012..after I had a shot in my mouth for getting dental work done.. I started having jaw pain and then ear pain on the opposite side and I then became bi- lateral.

So, my point is that TN is evolving for many people I think. I have heard of other people going into remission for long periods of time too. I remember reading about them.. Not very many tho...

I hope this helps.