Trigeminal Neuralgia from anesthesia (routine filling)?

Hello All, I am very new here and have only begun to research all of the available info out there, so I may be "jumping the gun" on asking this, but figure it cant hurt to ask...

From what I can see, TN is not too common to men in early 40's unless due to trauma....I have also seen that it is most common with wisdom teeth extractions (or even extractions NEAR wisdom teeth). What I can't seem to find is whether or not is should be a normal risk for a routine filling?

My hubby's effects all three branches of the nerve and started with an electric shock type pain upon a general anesthesia injections for a routine filling...

Should that have been an expected risk of that?

As I said, very new (DX just came last week) and just trying to wrap our heads around all of this, but can't see Neurologist till 25th!!!

Thanks for any ideas, opinions or ANYTHING really! LOL!

Since the beginning of the year I've gotten four crowns ... two on the right side (the TN side although I have developed some pain on the left side as well, just not as frequently as the right). I've learned that any dental work on the right side will likely trigger episodes of pain. In fact it was four years ago (after about 6 years of no pain whatsoever) that a trip to the Dentist triggered pain again and opened the door to pain on and off ever since. I dread trips to the Dentist as I've also had several fillings in recent months (I've always taken good care of my teeth so I'm constantly surprised at all the problems I've had dental-wise) which also trigger the same kind of pain. Novocaine doesn't get me numb enough so I started using gas which has made a huge difference during the procedures but makes no difference in the TN pain that follows. I hope that helps.

Thank you Karen,

I'm so sorry to hear of your pain with all those dental visits. I have heard that dental work can trigger episodes.

What I'm trying to figure out, however, is whether the anesthesia/needle can CAUSE the damage to all 3 branches of the nerve?

Hubby had no pain whatsoever until he was injected with anesthesia for a filling (didn't even have pain from the tooth prior to this)..injection caused electric shock pain and now he's had a constant pain ever since, with multiple electric-shock type pains every day, that literally bring him to his knees!

His pains alternate in all 3 branches of the nerve, so just trying to figure out if/how the anesthesia injection caused this?

I sent you a message

Call your primary and ask them to call ASAP

The pharmacy… For lidocaine patches for face and
mouthwash if needed inside mouth!

It can help many with INSTANT relief!!

: )