Topiramate (Topamax)

If you take Topamax, can you please give me your experience on it? I was thinking about switching to it if it will help ATN pain. I also heard the side effect of it is weight loss. Your thoughts please...

I was given Topomax BEFORE I was diagnosed as having ATN. I regularly increased my dose until I was up to 400mg a day , ( which I now know was pretty high), but it never helped the pain. I did lose about 10 lbs in a month, but I was also a zombie.

Before my surgeries, I was taking 2400mg of neurontin. It did not get rid of the pain completely but I was able to function.

I hope you find some relief soon.



I took it too. It helped so much with the pain, but I couldn't concentrate at work at all. I had to stop taking it because I wasn't getting any work done.Maybe you should try it. Good luck.


I was on Topiramate for about four months. It didn't work out to well for me at all. I won't go into detail but watch out for the Depression.....As you know what works for some doesn't work for others. I switched to Gabapentin and have gotten some relief. Wish you the best

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I take 600mg of it daily. It does help with the pain but I am much more scatter brained. It doesn’t seem to effect my work and I am a teacher. I do not have the side effect of weight loss and was already on antidepressants before taking this med…so I don’t have the depression either. I also take Baclofen for pain if I need it.

I took it for a while and loved it. Lost quite a bit of weight. I did have the word loss side effect, but mild (occasional inability to find the right word for an object, etc)

Victoria, it helped your pain a lot?? Why do you not still take it?

Victoria said:

I took it for a while and loved it. Lost quite a bit of weight. I did have the word loss side effect, but mild (occasional inability to find the right word for an object, etc)

I took Topamax for several years, it successfully controlled my pain. I didn't loose weight while on it. Stopped taking it because I started having severe hair loss. I was switched to oxycarbazipine for a few more years, also controlled the pain but caused cognitive problems.


I took Topamx for almost four years along with Trileptal and occasionally another medication. It really helped my pain, but I had to stop. I stopped in August as the mental confusion and extreme tiredness was too much. I am in school, so to be a medication that as my neurologist says, mentally dulls, was too hard to try and focus and exceed.

Also, there is a small change for kidney stones and I was one of the luck small change. In the last year, I had three separate times where I had kidney stones, which is another reason they took me off.

Hopes this help

I'm currently on 100mg topamax, it has worked well for me for the past 2 yrs. I wish neurontin worked for me because the side effects are harsh on me. I turn into a complete moron, I mean, I don't have the slight word loss but can still function at work, I am a drooling mess! My neuro just attempted to increase me to 150 in Oct and I just layed in bed like a slug and couldn't understand what was being said on the TV. It was awful! She dropped me back down 2 wks ago and I'm back to normal.

That being said, I would still try it, it's worth it if it keeps you out of the ER.

I love topamax/topiramate, but not for TN. I take it for my chronic migraines. I take 175mg a day. At first it gave me anorexia. I could not touch food. It made me sick to even think about eating. I lost about 20 lbs. I have since gained the weight back (and then some) after started a different medication that I am not on anymore. I did not have the "Dope"amax impact from it, or sleepiness. Just the anorexia, which is such a weird medication side effect (and the technical term for it).

Starting on Topamax he has be start off slowly. Just 25 mg every night for 7 days. Then take one tablet twice daily. He said see how I tolerate that and then may can go up. Isn’t that a little slow? Was wondering if I could do three days at bed time them twice a day after that??