Topical compounds for face pain

I was wondering if anyone has recommendation to topical treatments for neuropathic pain?

Cold paks are the only thing that helps and I was wondering if a long acting freezing gel are effective IE Biofreeze etc are useless


There are Lidocaine patches that you can have prescribed by your doctor (same one's prescribed for people who have shingles; you wear it 12 hours on, 12 hours off), while I have not had success with these, many on this site have. You can also get it in a gel or liquid form of lidocane for topical or oral application. I also at one time had a compound cream made of a concoction of medications (Ketamine/Clonidine/Gabapentin/Imipamine) put together by my Pain Management Specialist. I didn't find relief and it was extremely expensive (fortunately my insurance covered most of the costs). However, I have hear many people on this forum and other forums claim benefits from it. If you do go this way make sure to ask them for a travel size container you can carry in your purse or what ever you carry to keep it near by and can take on airplanes.

Have you read this list of our favorite topical meds? INSTANT help for many.