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Topamax 50mg to 75mg added to Tripelptal and Neuronton opinions


I have been taking Trileptal and Neurontin and I have recently added 75mg at bedtime. I am not sure of the mechanism of action but it is reported to augment the 2 neuro drugs. Any opinions out their. Thank you. I am so upset and frustrated.



How are you doing now Christine? Has the topamax helped at all? I’m trying to avoid oral meds, but it is hard to do! Hope you are doing better.



Hi Christine, I had to read your post several times because I don’t see where you mention adding topamax at bedtime. I take carbamazaphine and although my doctor wanted me to increase the dosage at bedtime, I didn’t notice any benefit. I do take a 5mg diazepam at bedtime to kind of calm my head down and that seems to get me through the night.



Hi Christine,
I’m not taking Trileptal but I do take Neurontin and Topamax together. I take 25 mg of Topamax in the morning and afternoon and 100mg at bedtime. The combination of these two meds has slightly decreased my pain. Hopefully the medication will help you too.

Best wishes for pain relief,



Dear Carrie, Venicomb and Ziggy. I was just about to run out for the day. Morning is my peak time but I do need to take the time to respond to you kind folks that have addressed my query. I do take Topamax 50 mg p.o at bedtime in addition to Neurontin and Trileptal. I cut back from 75. I am now conserving meds as I may have to go on the ACA. However I can not say that I know the mechanism of action re the Topa however it appears to extend the action of the neuro drugs. Normally I try to learn more about a drugs efficacy but haven’t researched as of yet. It does help. And yes I do have to take Valium, but have reduced that as well. Weather matters greatly for me. Bring on the heat! Much better. Live in NY. Thank you kind folks.