Tooth sensitivity

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been on this site in a long time because my trigeminal neuropathic pain has been so well managed, thankfully. Well, I started to get sensitivity in a couple of teeth, had to get two fillings a couple of weeks ago, and still have sensitivity.

I’m wondering if anyone has experienced sensitivity in particular teeth as a symptom of their trigeminal nerve pain. My x-rays looked good, but I’m just always concerned about ignoring something dental going on. Thank you!

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My TN started in the middle of my cheek, which is still my main trigger point, and when it eventually spread downwards (went along and up first!) it was into the tooth immediately below my trigger point. Any flare involving my jaw now tends to start with sensitivity/throbbing in that tooth. So, short answer - yes.
Dentist says no problem, dr says it’s the TN.
I do find the extra strength sensitive toothpaste takes the edge off - hope you find something that helps, too.

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I have been struggling with this recently .What began as pain occurring in a new tooth became Palatal pain +~ several teeth hurting episodically .Then it became more severe and more frequent .

However since most of the time it was just one tooth that hurt I sought out a Dental evaluation for Dental pathology .I have seen two dentists and two Endodontists…
It’s frustrating that Dental Science still struggles with really knowing if a tooth is alive or not .One of the Endodontists was a Dental professor for 25 years and she admits it’s still not an exact science.
It’s a hard situation because one can so easily have teeth pulled —-or a Root Canal done and then find you do not need it .
One Endo. remarked on my Palate being very red .By the time I went in for the Root Canal with the ex- Prof. I had finally developed vesicles near the painful tooth .My Zoster titre was 1600-ish which is very high .
BUT EVEN then the second Endo thought I might need a Root Canal .She says that there are Dental studies that show Herpes can kill teeth.Walking away from that procedure was very hard as the procedure offered the possibility of stopping the pain…But by then I was fairly sure the pain was Zoster related.

It’s also hard knowing —if I am having Neuralgia or Neuritis .Steroids will help one and inflame the other…

We had evidence before that my Ocular Pain was Zoster in origin .This was the best evidence so far the Oral pain is also .

It’s been a very frustrating journey because I was already on the main treatment for recurrent Shingles .Now I am having to investigate an Arginine -Lysine balanced diet and take L/Lysine as a Supplement…It helps but I would prefer a Root Canal if that says anything about the pain involved .….


Thank you for your insight! Can I ask what brand of extra strength toothpaste you use?

I’m in the UK - I use Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief, which I think has now changed its name to Instant Relief (I bulk buy, so they sit in my cupboard for a while and I’m still on the Pro!). I think the stronger ones are those that say you can rub them into the gum for quick help, as well as the longer action of cleaning your teeth with them. Not a miracle cure (I wish!), but it does help a bit. Hope something works for you.

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I went to 4 dentists, endodontists, etc. insisting I had dental pain. Fortunately they were all good Docs. It was TN, not dental related. Be sure you have a good dentist,

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I had a problem for several years and then started to use the special sensitive tooth paste. It takes about a week to start working and you need to use it everyday but it worked for me.

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After three years of relative freedom from TN’s fierce pain struggles, it began to creep back, and sometimes strike back. Over the course of several months, my doctor visits increased along with my facial pain complaints. I got sick of that real quick and set up another stereotactic radiosurgery appt., my second after a first, which was the end of 2014. Happy to report the pains are going away and my TN problems are even better than before. Wind and colder weather are not affecting it so badly, etc. We all have differing TN complications depending on the nerve’s affected branches. Stereotactic Radiosurgery is gamma knife using a helmet held on securely with screws a little into the skull. The tiny rays of radiation are precisely aimed so that nothing other than what should be is hit. I am a positive outcome of the procedure. I hope you look into it for yourself.

I have pain for 9 years in a tooth in the bottom right side of my mouth. My dentist sent me to an endodontist who was very honest and said I don’t need a root canal. Nuerologist diagnosed it as TN, which is actually ATN. Was referred to an oral facial pain dr. Who said he thought I had TMJ and made me a $2,000 mouthpiece which was never able to fit me properly so I stopped wearing it. Was on 3,000 mg gabapentin, 30 mg baclofen and 100 mg Nortriptyline. The Nortriptyline helped me and I was on it until Covid when I decided to stop it because there are a lot of meds that are dangerous to take with Nortriptyline and if I got Covid I was afraid of a bad drug interaction. In December I was hospitalized with a heart issue and almost died. My pain got very bad and I wanted to go back on the Nortriptyline but the cardiologist said I could not. I am suffering very badly with horrible burning pain all day long. I also have burning mouth syndrome which causes burning in my palate and gums. I have started Pregabalin with no relief so far., I worked up to 250 mg daily but started having bad indigestion problems and just cut back to 225 mg. I am hoping to be able to try to increase again and see if I can tolerate it. I am also considering gammaknife or cyberknife and am afraid of the gammaknife because of the headpiece but might not have a choice. I am also considering an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor that is supposed to be very good and has helped some people with TN. I also heard that NUCCA chiropractors sometimes help. Suffering badly and trying to decide which way to go. I know that there is no guarantee of success with any of the procedures and gammaknife and cyberknife can sometimes make the pain worse, and I don’t know how I could tolerate more pain. Was really praying the Pregabalin would work and am not giving up on it yet. Don’t know where else to turn to. Praying they find some treatment that can help everyone suffering from this torturous disease that makes living a normal life impossible.