Tooth Pulled Yesterday!

Eek!! I had to have a tooth pulled on my bad side yesterday. Found out the tooth had a crack at the root, it had all ready been treated with a root canal. This tooth has been bothering me for 2 years! The oral surgeon had a new ICat machine & saw the crack there. The endontist didn’t see it on his X-rays. I was prepared for him to say the tooth looks healthy just let it go, it is your nerve, but, low & behold he saw a very small horizontal crack, extraction was the only route. I had sedation. I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out, knowing any second the twinges will start… Waiting, patiently, knowing it is inevitable,

Maybe, I will be lucky,
Did anyone survive an extraction?


I just had an upper premolar pulled three weeks ago...It didn't aggrevate my pain at all. I have a typical odontalgia..I need to get my bottom 6 pulled in a couple months due to bone loss and I'm terrified it will make my pain worse and cause my pain to develop into something more severe...I'm glad you went through the extraction with no extra pain..! What kind of TN do you have?

I've had one within months before MVD and did not make things worse

I was doing great until today! I got a little cocky & was feeling good… I thought maybe all of this was from the tooth! Could I be so lucky? I decided to take one Tegretol at my morning dose instead of 2, well by 2:30, I was in extreme pain. I was quickly reminded, yet again that this is not my tooth. This is my Trigeminal Nerve.
The tears began to flow. I hate this so much! The tooth did not make it worse, it did not make it better. I have now had 4 teeth pulled & Jaw Surgery hoping to rid me of my pain. All concluding with the same result, the same pain.
I am going to a 2nd Neurosurgeon on Monday. Scared. Hopeful.

Sorry that having the tooth pulled hasn’t reduced the pain, it is all so mentally and physically exhausting. I can really relate and you have my symphathy.

I’ve just had 3 root canal treatments done on a molar on my non TN side. Still getting tooth pain so saw an endodontist yesterday who doesn’t think it’s my tooth, he suspects it’s neurological.
Going back to my regular dentist tomorrow to have a filling replaced on the tooth next door to the one causing the pain in case it is referred pain.
If none of that works I guess I am going to have to accept that my TN has become bilateral, I feel like ripping the tooth out of my own head. If only it would make a difference!!!

Hope the pain settles soon.
Sending you a very gentle healing hug.