Tooth Pain... Need advice

I have Tn and have had an mvd on right side. It came back took my meds and went to see Dr. Jeff Brown he said I had a new compression on the right and one on the left. I had never mentioned to him or any other doctor that I had on and off pain on the left side. I didn't even realize you could have it on both. The past week I drank something cold gave me a zap, on the left side, and my teeth have been in agony since. Went to my dentist he could not see anything visible, went to endo they did their cold test thought the back molar was more sensitive to the cold, and said I needed a root canal. I was hesitate but in sooo much pain. They numbed me up and when she came back it still felt as though I had a toothache. She didn't want to proceed and wants to wait. My question Is it my teeth or tn?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry to say it is most likely tn. I had a single back molar that I swore was absessed--but the dentist said the tooth was fine. The pain progressed until I had a full-blown three branch attack and knew something else was going on. Fortunately tegretol worked right away...

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Sorry to say I agree with tacocat, I had a couple of molars pulled thinking the same as you, and it was TN all along. I had to beg the Dentist to pull them because she said they were healthy teeth.