Tooth extraction

I read some posts about extraction but it didn't quite address what I am concerned about. I have to have a tooth extracted on my TN side, I'm going to go for local , not sedation since I have to drive home. I'm wondering how many people have done it that way and did you have any flare ups from the procedure? What drugs did you take before the procedure? I'm petrified!!!

Hey wonka-- I had major dental work done while in remission and stayed in remission...I was terrifed, too. I just started taking the tegretol three days before and took it a week after each procedure. I had three crowns. I had local, too. Hope it goes ok!!

Thank you , Hearing good things like this really helps, thank you so much!!

How did it go? Thinking of having an extraction on my bad side… Pretty nervous as an in kind of a flare up time right now but probably due to the tooth. Any advice helpful.

Just had to have a root canal this summer. It was not fun but it definitely was contributing to my pain so I was worth getting it done. Sorry your having to go through this. Good luck. Hopefully it will be better afterwards.

Also having a wisdom tooth extracted on Tuesday under local on my TN side. Like that, I two am dreading it because I am in the middle of a flare up already that was nearly under control until yestreday. I’m going to try though, no matter what. It might lessen the constant pressure on that side a bit. All the best with it!!

Petrified here too, first dentist appt for a while (years) on the 31st. TN is in remission and of course I'm hoping for the best, but I'm still terrified.

It’s so hard to say but If u already had this done I hope it didn’t make it any worse, docs say they don’t think having 3 of my wisdom teeth pulled caused my TN it could of been all the other accidents I’ve had. Like falling on my tailbone several times or passing out and landing on my head when I was a child or hey having my aunt back her truck over me and nearly killing me so I dunno. TN is not fun. All I can say is I pray it didn’t or doesn’t make it any worse for u. I am pretty much pain free right now but with this cold I really have to protect my face…good luck


I’m home about 3 hours from the dentist after having wisdom tooth on TN side out. I was awake half the night with pain in my ear and jaw before even going in. I have to say getting the injections was not pleasant, at all. He knew I was struggling tho and let one settle in before giving me two more, which were fine. Had it out, still waiting on anaesthetics to wear off. No pain or pressure at the minute, will keep you updated when it wares off.

Yikes. Sounds like a pretty stressful experience. I hope the pain and pressure stay away while you heal. I am still waiting to see the Dentist, he wants to order steriods and somthing else for me before I go in to have the tooth pulled.

I was absolutely fine. I didn’t get any more pain or aches than a normal, healthy person without TN would after getting a wisdom tooth out. Just felt bruised to be honest, it’s two days later now and I have no pain at all :slight_smile: best of luck with yours when the time comes

thank you Suzi, I'm so glad yours turned out well, gives me hope.

My mom just had her tooth extracted this week and she did just fine, no flare-ups!

Alot of good positive feed back on this. Thank you all. It really helps to hear from others how it went for them.

Did anyone do anything special like special pain meds or something before they went in for it?

Well I’m on the highest dose of lyrica so that might have helped with numbing the nerves for it. But I have had two wisdom teeth removed, one from each side and two fillings on the TN side of my face in the last three weeks and am doing good. I hate the dentist on a normal day but even more obviously since this dreaded going but he was very good. He give me what he called the ‘gold’ standard anaesthetic that he keeps for root canals. Don’t know if that is true but it made me feel better. Just talk to your dentist, if you are not comfortable with what he/ she says to you and what ye both agree on, then move onto another one and keep going till you meet the one that will put you at ease. I was completely put at ease by my dentist , he promised to stop immediately if I lifted my left hand, and he did, because I just had to test to see that he would and I feel it made a massive difference to my experiences since I got TN

I do like this guy, he is very confident even thinks I can do this without any extra meds but i think that is because he does not truely know TN. I'm on tegretol and he said he wanted to give me a steriod and some pain meds to take before I go in to kind of get the nerve calm before anything happens. I just have to get my medical dr. to talk to him to see if its Ok to give these drugs. i am hoping to go in and get it all done next month. Then I have to work on getting a cleaning. He does some kind of sonic cleaning which is the only thing I will due since my teeth are sensitive on a daily basis never mind the TN. I'm with you Suzi I hate the dentist!! however this place I found seems to have great people and this dentist is very calm and confident which helps me feel better.

I hate them. My mother refused point blank to keep coming to the dentist with me when I turned 21. I’m 26 now and she came every time so far since I was diagnosed with TN. I’d be lost without that woman. I think having her with me, someone I can trust and know wouldn’t let anyone push me to do something I’m not comfortable with made a big difference two. You should definitely talk your gp and see what they think. I can’t see why you need steroid, then again my understanding of them wouldn’t be great, but a painkiller if it puts you at ease would be a good idea. I’m in for a clean in the new year myself. He said he will give me anaesthetic for the TN side tho thank god!!

What a great idea doing anesthetic for the cleaning on the TN side. I think the steriod is to calm the nerve. When I was first diagnosed the Dr gave me an antiviral and a steriod which enhances the other drug( I think) so I can see doing it and feel better about it as long as I can drive home. I don't have anyone to do that for me. I used to have my husband keep me calm at the dentist but he died in 2007 so I have to be a "big girl" now. I see my primary on the 7th so I should be able to get in and get this thing out of my the same month then hope I can get the cleaning done without any pain, or minimum anyway. Merry Christmas Suzi!

I’m not looking forward to when I have to be a “big girl”. I hope you have a pain free and happy Christmas :slight_smile: do me let me know how you get in when the time comes.