Tooth Extraction

So, I had 2 teeth pulled because of abscesses 5 days ago. I am in so much pain. I feel like crying. The pain is TN2 pain. I still have 2 left to pull. I didn't realize the teeth were bad, because of the constant TN pain. Having the teeth pulled has triggered the nerve pain, only it is so much worst. Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you for listening.

I have had a few extractions. One last year due to an abscess and I was terrified to have it done knowing fully about tn. Mine was on the non-tn side and I had no side effects other than prolonged bleeding due to my medications. However, the one I had done on the tn side about a year into tn took over a week to heal. That one surprised me because in the past I usually felt better within a couple of days. I was miserable for over a week but the pain DID subside and I went back to my normal. With the extraction on the non-tn side I felt relief immediately as it was also an abscess and the tooth was a mess.

Who did your extraction? I hope you are only using an oral surgeon. My last one I went to a trusted dentist who gave me a referral to the best oral surgeon in the area. He was amazing. I am also TN2.

I hope you feel better's awful to be such pain. Hopefully Cleo sees your post and replies.

Thank you so much for your reply. A regular dentist pulled my teeth. What would an oral surgeon do differently? I thought I would feel immediate relief from the abscess being extracted. I didn't. It was the TN2 side. I am still suffering. I am taking maximum meds. Neurontin helps, plus I take trileptal. Norco helps me, even though it does not help many people. It makes me feel better to know other people experience this. Not that I want anyone to feel this pain. Again, thank you so much.

Please, if you can, get referrals to a GOOD oral surgeon. I had a tooth extracted by a regular dentist (on my tn side) years ago before my tn. Bless his heart, he tried, but it took him a full 45 minutes to extract that tooth. Never again, since that I went exclusively to oral surgeons for extractions. Same with r/c - always to an endodontist, not a regular dentist. They are specialists. Oral surgeons also are more likely to take precautions to protect us. Try to look up Cleo and pm her, she is very knowledgeable in dental issues and will be able to explain more clearly. Also, I go do FPA, they might have a referral for a good oral surgeon in your area. I found my neuro through them and before my extraction someone gave me a list to do to prepare.

One thing I remember them saying was if I was in pain/having a bad day to cancel and NOT have the extraction. That is where it comes in handy having a pro doing the surgery. Let them know in advance. Also, many need/want to be under gas as well as take an extra of our meds. I think I just took an extra dose of gabapentin. Even so, I was tense throughout the entire procedure. It couldn't have been fun for the surgeon. A regular dentist might think you are being dramatic but my surgeon knew my fears were real.

I had to have a tooth pulled on my TN side. I went to an oral surgeon
I was scared…but I didn’t feel the shot and I didn’t feel him pull it…so yes Oral surgeons are the best.!! :slight_smile:

Cleo, thank you so much for your post. I took antibiotics before the extraction. These are not wisdom. One is back molar and the other is on top in rear. It has been a week. The gums do not look infected, red, or oozing drainage. The holes are healing. I feel pain like I felt before, Atypical TN. Teeth hurt that are not infected. Nose, cheeks, eye hurt. This pain is much, much worse. Agony at times. 800mg. dose of Neurontin, along with tripletail and Norco help. This dose of Neurontin ends up being up to 3200mgs/day. This upsets my lower intestines so much. Is it normal for extractions to escalate TN? I would think it would have to. I have 2 more that need pulling. I have had 2 gamma knifes. I can have another. I am discouraged. Pain really gets one down doesn't it. Hope you are pain free.

If the xrays don’t show problems. .then don’t have any work done to them…most often TN pain can seem like there is something wrong with a tooth when in reality there isn’t. There needs to be proof.

I had a tooth pulled. …and still had pain in that same spot—like the tooth is still there!!! It may take awhile for your pain to settle down. Maybe you can get some extra pain relief meds from your doc until you feel better.

Best wishes to you Sunshine.

Sunshine…I also wanted to mention that I had sinus surgery…and after that I had some TN pain…but it only lasted for a couple of weeks. And the only time I get it… is when i have an infection. So maybe yours will go away soon. ??
I hope soo…xoxo