TN1 and shaving

Hello folks,

I am just going to throw this out there for the men with this insane condition. Lately, it is very difficult for me to shave. There is a spot on my upper left lip, that sends strong pain signals if I attempt to shave. I have also tried using an electric razor. Same results. I hope not to sound ridiculous. Looking forward to your inputs. Thank you.


Hi Sergio, being of the female type I don’t shave my upper lip (but my kids tell me the time to start is coming soon). However you might want to try a topical cream to numb the area before shaving. I have an OTC product called Xylocaine Jelly, active ingredient is Lignocaine. You might be able to apply this 10 minutes or so before shaving. Probably safer to use electric shaver as less likely to cut. Good luck. I gave up make up due to exact same trigger point. Or you could cultivate a moustache and not shave there at all!

Hi Duckie,

Thank you for your inputs. I will give it a try. So not used to facial hair.
As of now, sporting a mustache. I have no choice.

Enjoy a pain free week end and thank you again.