I’ve had TN since 2012 and MVD in 2013. So I know what the pains feel like (still have, just turned down to a livable ‘volume’)…until this curve ball! My TN is left side and my right ear started…RED FLAG, PANIC! Same as before, but this was concentrated in the hinge of my jaw and didn’t move, happen randomly or become the typical pain we associate with TN, yet, still worried. I waited about a week, saw my GP, same one that dx TN before. He thought TMJ and started anti-inflammatory meds. They have helped, as long as I don’t chew anything. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ like TN.
Left side is not liking competing with other face pains…really misbehaving…flat out miserable :frowning:
Anyone else have this issue?

Hi Cris,

I am sorry that you are in pain. I don't know if it is TN or TMJ but I just wanted to say a couple of things. Bilateral symptoms are not that uncommon amongst us TNers. And having a misdiagnosis of TMJ trouble is very common on the way to a proper TN diagnosis.

I will say go with your gut. You know what TN feels like. You know the patterns it follows and how it acts. I think that you will know for yourself if you listen to your body.


I came on here to ask almost the same question! I've always had TMJ and clench my jaws and grind my teeth. My TN is on the left side. The past month, I have had a lot of pain in my jaw and ear on the right side. I always have some pain there with flare ups but none like this. Also the clicking sound my jaw makes has changed to a grating sound. I also have been getting TN type pain that mirrors the pain on my right side. I've had twinges that come and go on there for the past year or two but now it's daily and as bad as the left side and when pain settles down on left side the right side starts up so I know it's bilateral now. I've got two questions though:

1) I am thinking that this is all connected. I clench my jaws and grind my teeth so bad that I have cracked two $500 custom bite guards from the dentist. The back of my head, neck and shoulders are extremely tight and painful. At this moment, the right side is flared up and it feels like the pain is flowing from the TN area around my eye down my face to my jaw and then back of neck and head. I'm thinking that the position of my jaw and head is irritating my trigeminal nerves. It really feels so connected.

2) the other question is that when left side is flare up, I take hydrocodone and the pain goes away but the right side flares up and the hydrocodone has zero affect on it. I've been on the hydro for over 6 years at the same dose and wonder if that's my "norm" so it only relieves that pain???

Oh, oh, oh Chris, I'm so flared up this minute. I wish we were in the same room together so we could just hug each other and cry together! Wahhh! :(

Cris, hope your TMJ and TN pain is better. Last night was one of the worst attacks I've had in years. I took 2 xanax and a flexeril so I'd pass out and stay asleep. Woke up with zero pain except a little soreness in my jaw. I never wake up without any pain. I think my extreme TMJ pain was caused by a mouth guard I bought on Amazon. It's one piece that molds to both top and bottom teeth so your back teeth don't touch. In theory, I thought it was brilliant but not so much now.

Ohhh Mary! I too have have no help with hydrocodone for both TN and TMJ ~ I’ve been on an anti inflammatory med for 2 weeks and it HAS helped. My TN has truly taken a roller coaster trip … Hoping this was a one time thing, but not sounding like it is. I’m SOOO sorry you’ve had such a rough time. And if we were in the same room, we would indeed hug and remind each other this too will pass ~ thank you for your input about the mouth guards and the ones available on line! Really cautious now! Take care sweetie and let’s keep in touch! ((Hugs))