TN thing? Or, Seizures?

I have been having these zoning out/staring out moments quite consistently. Is there any chance that it is due to Trigeminal Neuralgia? Normally, the pain isn't bad for tn...It doesn't seem to impact when these things happen.

Here's what happens during these "attacks" as I'll call them:

I seem to stare out, can't move or regain focus, and I can think during the attacks too. They keep coming on and not getting enough sleep makes them much more frequent...

TN? Or, Seizures?

Any help you can give me would be much appreciated... =/

I know none of us are doctors, but just curious if it could quite possibly be a TN thing. It has been going on for a couple years. I went to the ER yesterday and will be getting an appointment w/ a neuro. (it's a 4-5 month wait though)... Just really wondering what I am up against here...

Are you on any meds that could be causing the spacing out as a side effect? At the ER, they probably should have run an EEG on you to try to determine if it was epileptic or not. If you have a personal care physician, go there first and describe all your symptoms.

Nope-- no new meds... It's been going on for a long time though...couple years, easy. I'll mention it when I go back to the doctor. I can't schedule a sooner appointment, so I will have to wait til toward the end of the month. Thanks for replying, Lois!

Are you on an anti seizure med? I am on trileptal and have the same zoning out at high dosages. Also you can have seizures if you go to fast up or down on an anti seizure med. But since it's been going on a couple of years....

I went off tegretol couple weeks ago, but the zoning has been happening for couple years...but it probably is worse due to going off tegretol cold turkey.. Didn't think about that..