TN silent while battling a virus

I have been struggling with a severe virus/flu this past week. I have had wicked temple pounding headaches on my non-tn side. Strangely, my tn , which is right-sided, is silent. Nary a pain at all. I am so grateful. Have any of you experienced this?

I have had this last year, really bad flu with blocked sinuses and fever etc and same thing happened, TN was nice and quiet, however got a cold at the moment and no such let up this time.

Not sure why this happens, mysteries of the brain I guess. I have chronic myofascial pain in my chest and shoulders and I have been suffering with a TN attack for the past week, Not one pain in chest or shoulders. Now that TN pain is subsiding, chest pain is coming back. Always happens that way for me, maybe brain can only handle so much