TN possibly caused by trauma

Recently I tried chiropractic treatment. I have been having to take 1000 mg of tegretol lately, plus acetamen.w/codeine once or twice a day. After x-rays and treatment I was told that previous head and neck trauma has caused my neck and upper spine to be messed up. I know that they said that the hyoid bone was messed up.
After treatment I have noticed a drop in pain levels. I will try to cut out my aspirin first, and then the tegretol.
Any positive comments? I still feel lonely with this disorder.

Wishing you all pain free days

Yes TN can be caused by trauma, particularly blows to the head. It can also be caused by the very subtle trauma of inflammation in the head and face as with migraine and MS. MS can cause it because MS can cause degeneration of nerves as well. This is not a simple condition!

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Glad your trying physical therapy, and hope it helps, below might add weight to your decision