Tn pain through right eye

Has anyone experienced tn pain going through an eyeball? Mine goes through the outer corner of my right eye and feels like scratching, plus the sensation of someone pressing on my eyeball. I get headaches right above the eye.

Surgery for drooping lower lid hasn't helped. Surgeon and ophthalmologist don't know the cause. Next the surgeon will sew my eyelids together for a month to heal some dry patches on the cornea to see if that helps.

I've told each about tn, but don't get any flicker from them.

I have weaned myself off maximum dose of gabapentin (was 3600 mg/day) over a month-long period and now don't take any. I have mainly tightness and some stinging in my lower jaw and cheek and up into my right ear.

If any of this sounds familiar, please write.



It is the nerve that goes to the cornea of the eye, but with the other eye problems you have, I can not help but wonder if there is not more going on.

I often get eye pain, but I do not have the other problems.

I do have eye pain but it feels more like stabbing & throbbing in the eye socket, not the actual eye.

I wish you well!!

Thanks for your responses. TN is really a vexing problem. The stories I read here are so incredible.


I get a bruised like feeling on my eyeball something like bruising or squeezing. Also headache like pain over eye amongst other s&s