TN or Not TN

I recently accepted the diagosis of TN after many months of soul searching and denial. Well, that was until my most recent follow-up with my neurologist. He said that my symptoms are not like the TN patients he has treated but he thinks my symptoms are “real”. Wow, this really threw me for a loop. Does any one else experience the following symptoms:

  • I have stinging or as I call them “hotspots” on a regular basis in my cheek area but I can deal with these sypmtons
  • I get full-blown episodes or whole face repetitive shocks at least 1x per month that last 2-4 days. These episodes cause me to stay in bed with the curtains drawn. Movement makes the shocks worse aIong with feeling and hearing a weired noise in my head.
    -I can usually tell when a full blown episode is approaching because I become extremely fatigued and must sleep for 12 hours.
    -My medication has been increased 4x over the last four because the shocks start up again.
    Does anyone else feel any of the above symptoms? Is this normal for TN? Is this really TN?