Tn & on

Does anyone suffer from TN & ON.I am postop 2 years MVD and was originally dx with ON then TN .I was told by surgeons that ON was a product of TN. Has anyone had that told to them.
Both are back with with a vengeance and I am at my wits end.

I have both. Neurosurgeon at U of PA told me they are two completely separate set of nerves. Not related.

My neurologist said they are related. My ON started out non-stop 180 days straight. Migraine level. Sharp spikes in back of scalp.

Botox eased it away to a mild level.

Have you tried botox?

I have both, but I know lots of people that have just ON or just TN. I am 4 months post Nerve decompression myself and I’m noticing a lot more of the ON now.

Botox helps me a lot too.