TN & Low Blood Sugar

As some know, I joined this support group on behalf of my mom who suffers from TN. I'm by her side 24/7 and having a problem I need I could use some input on. She is also diabetic (type 2). For the past week, she has had pain that has been worse than usual, which has been an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. Her pain for a week or so has not only been a "15" but because she's unable to eat most of the time, this is causing diabetic complications and it's extremely difficult to keep her blood sugar up. Sometimes it's as low as say in the 50's but this morning when I checked her sugar levels, it was 23. She doesn't want me to call 911 and I try my best not to panic but since I know how to get her sugar up quickly, I was able to and, since she wasn't slurring, losing her vision, or showing life-threatening signs, I have been checking her sugar level every couple hours and she seems to be "ok" for the moment. Personally, I think she needs to be hospitalized but because I know she doesn't want that, I'm doing my best while I'm litterally freaking out in my head, being strong on the outside and already processing the events to come, knowing she doesn't have much more time with me. I don't want to scare anyone. She is 81 years old, dad passed 3 years ago, her health has declined and a lot of red flags tell me she's ready to go to sleep and be done with the pain. Someone please tell me how to keep her blood sugar in the safe numbers? Her doctor says she needs to "eat healthy." She can't EAT, healthy or otherwise so while she's in a declining state of health, she's losing so much weight she is skin and bones. She has lost over 150 lbs. in the last couple years and now weighs 112, and is 5'8" so it looks sad on her. She is losing her memory more so lately and talking as if she is ready to die. Can anyone give me any words of wisdon? I could use an opinion or some advice from people who actually know what TN sufferers go through.

Your mother can't eat or struggles to, varying blood sugars will determine inflammation levels and consequently pain.

Can I suggest you need a consult with a nutrition specialist whatever the title. Juicing, if she is not eating would sound like a benefit. Juicing what? Anything from organic veggies to fruits, bearing in mind she is diabetic, whole fruits only, as in an orange all of it, pith and peel, as in how nature intended it. Your mother needs nutrients and hydration, everything that has ever kept anyone on this planet well.

I'm not a doctor (made one correct choice in life) but this is what I would be doing for my mother.

I'm sorry you and your mother are struggling, but if one can't eat then juicing/ and adequate hydration is actually even preferable to eating when you are ill. Wishing you and your mother better times and wellness.

I would suggest you get her medical treatment asap. Not sure if 911 is necessary, you are the best person to decide that, but definitely she needs to be seen asap. You need to be her advocate and if her memory and blood sugar issues are considered then surely she is not in a mental position to decide when she needs help. Follow your gut. All the best.

I am so sorry about the situation you are in. I have TN and while I do not have diabetes, am at high risk for it so have to be very careful about my diet, take preventative medication and get my glucose levels checked regularly. I agree that it is extremely important that she get medical treatment asap. You mentioned that your mother's pain level has increased the past week. Have you noticed anything different in her routine that could cause such an increase in the pain? Such as decrease in medication/going to the dentist/the weather/a fall? I know that for me personally, sometimes my pain will suddenly increase because of the change in weather, and especially because it is changing seasons it has been hard right now. But unfortunately we all have different triggers, different pain.

If your mom does not want to go to the hospital, have you considered in home help? Check with your mom's insurance if she qualifies for in home nursing or any other services. I learned the hard way that I was not taking advantage of in home nursing through my insurance after my second MVD and they were amazing.

Thinking good thoughts for you and your mom!

If she can't eat try smoothies in a blender. She can get her vitamins from them. Especially with fresh fruit. Not sure how her sugar is. So sorry for your trouble . Stay Strong

I can't offer much other help, but to be a little more specific, you can try getting a Vitamix, though it is quite an investment. While the upfront cost is a lot, it will pay for itself if you use it regularly over the years (the thing is built to last). I use mine a lot, and it can deliver a lot of different foods in liquid form. So besides fruit smoothies where you just toss the whole thing in, peel and all (use common sense, don't put the banana peel in there), you can also hide some vegetables in there (anything that can be eaten raw, so stuff that would go in a salad). Then to add bulk and calories that she needs, add anything from flaxseed to chia seed to walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, you name it. When she isn't in the smoothie mood, I often steam some pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potato, then blend it all together with the water, and you have a delicious soup. Add chia see to that, and you can increase the calories. Lastly, since she needs as many calories as she can get, you can of course add yogurts or protein powders to the smoothies. All of these things really help me when my jaw is hurting. Now, you don't have to get a Vitamix, but it's the only blender I'ver seen that can liquify all of the above. I hope this helps some. You are an amazing person for standing by your mom in this final years. Say the serenity prayer often. ANd may the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields, and may god or whatever you believe or don't believe hold you in the palm of their hand. May your strength continue to last and give comfort!

If your dear mother can tolerate liquids you might try specialized meal replacement mixes. I have found Garden of Life products to be quite comprehensive in nutrients, esp. in providing high protein. The Raw Fit might work well for your mom as it includes 28g protein per serving. I mix mine with vanilla almond milk.

I agree with the others who recommend ideally meeting with a nutritionist to formulate a plan suited to your mother’s needs. In the meantime, hopefully some of our suggestions may be helpful.

Have her doctor write a prescription for a Nursing evaluation in the home. Medicare pays for it. It may be a lot of phone calls in the beginning but once it is set up, a nurse will come to your home 2-3 times per week to check in on your mom. She would help you balance your mom's care. If she thinks it could be"time", she may recommend hospice care. They are wonderful! It will help you a great deal.

If you get no were with the doctors office, call a home health agency in your area and they will guide you through the steps but I believe you need a doctors order.

Good luck!