Tn ii

Has anyone had success with baclofen?

Yes! I have used Baclofen on and off for a couple of years. ( I only went off of it when I was trying to get pregnant) When I take it in combination with an anti-seizure and a tricylic anti-depressant, it helps with the throbbing and aching pain. I also have occipital neuralgia and it helps with some of the pain in the back of my head. From my experience and from what I have read on here, this combo of three meds ( listed above) seems to be very effective in treating TN2. I would definitely give it a try. Just a warning though, until your body gets used to it, you will be very drowsy. I just started taking it again and I am sleepy alot and I am not comfortable driving. But I know eventually it will get better. It did for me in the past.

Hope this helps!! Blessings to you!!!

I have type 2 and also take the same combo as Karen…it is the “gold standard” for type 2…antiseizure+muscle relaxant+antidepressant!! I have been on baclofen for a couple years…the side effects are minimal for me now…((HUGS))

I was not it very long and it did not seem to help. Though I know others have great sucess with this drug added to their other medications, and others use it as a boster ( low dosage) to carbamazepine and oxycarbamzepine. I do want to warn caution with this medication it should be started at a very low dosage and then tiltered very slowly to a threptic dosage. Also do not skip or miss a dose, and you can not suddenly stop this medication. Doing so can be dangerous, as your body gets depended on this drug, this is not the same dependancey as opioids/ narcotics can be. Sorry I don’t want to be a Debbie downer just wanted you to know the warnings of this medication. I hope it works for you and gives you the freedom of pain you deserve! :slight_smile:

Hi Maggie, I just started Baclofen not long ago, I think it’s my 2 week. Im on 1600mg Tegretol, and I am in the process of weaning off of Neurontin,( it just wasn’t working and side effects for me were awful).
Hard to say if Baclofen is working yet as I’m decreasing the Neurontin and adding Baclofen, I think I should start to know soon…I am tolerating it well, just a little nausea so far.
Good luck, hope it works for both of us! Mimi

thank you everyone for all the information and for the words of encouragement. I am now on lamotrigine and will add baclofen but how about the tricylic antidepressant...I'm already on Lexapro so I will ask my neurologist if I can add it on. Hugs to all.

Has anyone had success with baclofen lately? I am currently on carbamazepine 1200 mg and amitryptiline 70 mg and am not having the greatest success. For the first day in ages, I am reassured that, yes I do have both versions of TN. :(
Even if ami has helped the ATN somewhat, my TN1 is steadily growing worse. Does the Baclofen help TN1 or just ATN?