TN from Trauma or TBI or Closed head injury Anyone?

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone has TN or ATN that is the result of a TBI or closed head injury or something of the sort. I was assaulted at work will be 3 years ago as of March 5,2016 and my TN is the result of the concussion/head injury I sustained. Many of the medications that are normally taken for TN (at fairly high doses) I can't take due to the side effects (I already cant focus, have short term memory loss, have a "fuzzy head", cant multitask any more and various other things that are common concussion/head injury side effects). Also, if anyone has any question, please ASK! :-)

If there is anyone else out there, shout out to me, it would be nice to know I'm not going through this alone and let me know how your dealing with all the head injury stuff PLUS the TN. Mine is getting really bad. THANK GOD I have a wonderful guy beside me!!! THANKS!!

I have TN type 1&2 from a TBI. I agree about the anticonvulsant medications-when your brain is already functioning way less than what your used to, these meds have side effects that make it worse.

All of the symptoms you describe-no multitasking ability etc have become part of my daily life. I control pain with SSRIs and acupuncture 2-3x per week. The latter is not covered by insurance.

Hang in there… pc

Thanks for your reply. That helps a lot. I have been trying to figure out if I have TN 1, 2 1 & 2 , Neuropathic Pain or My mom has mentioned acupuncuture (shes an RN and believes in vitamins and homeopathic solutions). I'm willing to try ANYTHING at this point if it gives me some relief and doesn't mean brain surgery. I would rather try natural stuff than surgery first. Anyway one question for you, what SSRI are you on?? if you don't mind? Thanks again.

Take care and hang in there yourself :-)


I had TN1
from many whiplash and a bad dentist

Before my MVD …not brain surgery, i used to heavily rely on lidocaine face patches

Now i have had an unrelated minor stroke, neurology hooked me up with low dose Ritalin… Helps the brain fog!

Look up NUCCA certified chiropractic

Try reiki… It did help me get some pain free days in.

Hi, I'm Liz and I'm new to this site .I'm still learning my way around.but want to tell you that I was also assaulted and sustained neck and head trauma.I asked my neurologist if that caused my t.n....he said there was no way of knowing for sure.I try to put that bad event behind me and I try to focus on what's happening now .the TN takes all the positive energy I can muster and I try not to give any more of it to that event...... good luck with everything!