TN Friends

Hello to all of my TN friends - I received a call Monday from Duke University Hospital that they were ready to make an appointment for me. They received my referral from my Neurologist on Monday & called me the same day. We leave home tomorrow (2-12-15) & see the Neurosurgeon on 2-13. I was so overwhelmed to hear from them with such an expedient timeline that I broke down & sobbed. I could hardly talk. I pray that this is my salvation to this horrific disease. I will let you know how it goes. Duke is tops in the "world's medical centers." I lift us all up each morning before getting out of bed for the Lord to give us a somewhat peaceful, pain-free day. My thoughts & prayers to all of us around the world! Nancy E. Harris

To my TN Friends: This is a follow-up to keep you informed regarding my visit to the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC. First of all, the place is amazing. We were so impressed with the efficiency of all aspects of the system. Before I could even fill out my application, the nurse was calling me back to get started on the preliminaries. A soft knock was heard on the door & in walks 3 doctors. Oh, wow, I felt like a celebrity. The doctor wanted me to tell him everything I could about what I was going through. After I spoke, he calmly explained exactly what he could do to help me. But, before he did, he'd like for me to see a colleague of his that treats nothing but "face pain." He said that he's is the best. I agreed & the appointment was made. Since the new doctor only takes 4 app'ts a day, it's going to be May 1 before I can even get in, unless there's a cancellation. My stress level has gone down since my visit & for once I know that the Lord has guided me in the right direction. If anyone is in the Raleigh/Durham area, please have your doctor refer you to Duke. It's well worth your time (no matter how far you have to travel). Everyone, do your research. I'm sure each state has Medical Universities that are just as good. My thoughts & prayers are with US ALL around the world!!