TN following facial injection?

Hi Everyone-

I am a brand new member of this group. I spent the last 8 weeks researching my symptoms and am slowly coming to the conclusion that i may have TN or some variant of it. Here is my story:

Ten weeks ago I decided to get facial fillers in my cheek. The procedure was done with top notch board certified plastic surgeon and completely uneventful- didn’t hurt, minimal bruising and swelling that resolved. Exactly 2 weeks later i started feeling abnormal sensation in my right cheek (left side was never and still isn’t affected) - basically being aware of it, pressure, tightening, some crawling and itching. The pain would come and go over 2-3 weeks during which time i saw the plastic surgeon whose explanation was that given the symptoms occurred 2 weeks after vs during/immediately after injection it is likely a nerve irritation/compression due to filler itself pressing on it vs a mechanical injury of the nerve. She advised filler dissolving but i declined as it means more needles and substances going into my face. So off I went suffering from more of these symptoms that have now graduated to more of a constant (or at times intermittent) deep ache along my cheekbone and upper jaw with some random aches in my nasal cavity. Already treated for sinus infection and a tooth abscess of upper molar on the affected side (tooth had to be extracted) that did clearly show up on panoramic x-ray. None brought symptom relief. waiting for a visit with ent and neurologist but i am fairly certain ct scan and mri may show nothing. So i am back to thinking that this damn filler is causing all these symptoms and now the question is did it cause/awaken TN OR is it temporary due to filler compression and should i just go dissolve it? Interesting fact…I have major health anxiety that i have been treated for over the years but currently not on any anti-depressants and just managing with as needed clonazepam. Since this situation put my anxiety over the edge I started taking clonazepam and on the days i take it my pain subsides almost completely. Again my symptoms are deep ache in cheek, upper jaw and some parasthesia (almost like pulling/tightening sensations) in cheek area. Any insight on what might be going on here?? Is the fact that clonazepam is working indicative of it being TN or is it relaxing my muscles/anxiety?? So confused and scared for the future

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Bumping my post as would really love some help and sense of direction!!!

Hi Anka! Your story is certainly not the one that we typically see here, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t others with a similar experience. In addition to posting your question, you can also do a search using the magnifying glass at the top right of the page.

In terms of the clonazepam working, I don’t know that it can be used for diagnostic purposes. I would encourage you to speak with the doctor when you see them about this question.

Sharon from ModSupport

Well unless you feel like you’re being electrocuted it doesn’t sound like have TN
The pain of TN is called “the worst pain known to men” and trust me. IT IS. The Klonopin you’re taking just relaxes you.
The heavy duty TN meds are horrible and don’t work for everyone ( me included)!!
Anyway… for future reference I would rethink having injections.
Love who you are!! It’s ok to be YOU!!

I agree with spikeygirl. If you have trigeminal neuralgia you’d know the difference. An initial diagnosis is the best done by a neurologist. I have a niece who had a burning sensation, like hot oil was pouring over her face. She was diagnosed with Atypical trigeminal neuralgia by a neurologist. I’ve had it for almost 20 years and the pain gets worse with every occurrence. My most recent episode was the electric shock accompanied by lengthy spasms. My neurologist gave me Botox injections and that finally calmed down my pain. What a relief. I’ll have to return for another 3 shots every few weeks. This is why it’s called the worst pain known to man! Pray that you never have this.

I am sorry you are experiencing pain. TN is a debilitating disease that literally brings you to your knees. The pain experienced by patients is indescribable. There is no other pain that compares to Trigeminal Neuralgia. I suggest you speak with a neurologist that specializes in TN. Do your homework this is a very specialty area.
Good Luck
My Best

There is an Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia where the pain is a sharp, stabbing along with an almost constant ache. There are pulling, tightening and burning sensations. I know, because I have it. You most definitely need to see a neurologist to see if something is pressing the nerve. You may be lucky and can get some relief before the nerve is permanently damaged. I hope you get answers soon and find a fix.
Don’t try to diagnose yourself because you will just stress yourself out. Let the doctors do what they do.


You can see where the Trigiminal Nerve is located on facial diagram. If that is where u got injected it maybe your fillers causing problems. If the nerve suffers damage the pain can be worse and constant. I have had 2 MVD to avoid damage to the nerve. If you have found something that makes the pain tolerable I would not inject anything that may damage the nerve. The nerve may heal on its own time will tell. Please Research-Research hope this helps. :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:


Hi there Anka!
Welcome to a Group you would rather not need to know !
But --it is a good group. Many kind and caring people .
I have Facial Pain related to Zoster and it’s distribution is consistent with " Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia " . I have been ill for over 20 years . It’s been a journey . There is also a more common pain caused by Bruxism aka " teeth clenching " There have been many mis -adventures along the way . Once you are inclined to have Face Pain it can be a slippery slope —knowing what procedures to allow and which to avoid . Like the others I would suggest avoiding the recommended second injection to dissolve the Filler medication .

It may take time to get the right diagnostic label if pain does persist . Just FYI —some M.D.s can be very rigid about nomenclature —others call all Facial Pain "Trigeminal Neuralgia. If I had to guess you would be labeled Atypical Facial Pain.

It is hopeful that this may not be permanent . Do not give up hope yet .
Perhaps you can find a good ENT to help in the meantime . I go to a top tier Universiy’s Facial Pain Clinic and my Community ENT has been more help than the dentist at the University .

And you have found a Med that helps . That is huge !
If I had one big piece of advice it would to be to be circumspect about which docs you mention your anxiety issues to . In a perfect Workd doctors would not jump on the Psychological to use as an excuse to deny physical pain —but many will. Better perhaps to not give them that ammunition.

Take care and Big hug !

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Thank you all for responding to me. For the folks who stated that if I had TN, I would know it, in no way did I mean to diminish your pain. Mine isn’t electrocuting, stabbing, or bringing me down to my knees (and my heart goes out to all who experience that) but I joined this group and before I posted I did see some whose pain appears in “milder” category and manifests itself as more tightening, pulling, achy sensations. I guess that would be ATN or ATP or some form of neuropathy. I do have an ENT appointment on Friday (neurologist is way out) where he can maybe guide me along the diagnosis. Also for those who asked, my facial injection (and yes I regret my cosmetic decision every day so please don’t add to it) was on top of my cheekbone which is the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve but I know she didn’t hit a nerve when injecting because I would have felt a reaction immediately (mine started 2 weeks after injection which points to the filler material being the culprit as it was integrating into issues). The dissolving of the filler would take the form of putting an enzyme along the same path since the plastic surgeon has seen other cases where the filler has lodged against the nerve, is pressing on it, and manifesting in those symptoms. Very tough decision as it involves a needle injection to dissolve and I am afraid it could nick a nerve but if I don’t do it I worry that the continued compression of the nerve (which by the way is unlikely to show up on the MRI in that region according to my Plastic Surgeon) could damage it even more.


Yea, that is a tough decision that you have to make.
I hope whichever way it goes… that the pain gets relieved for you…
Best wishes.

How did you develop ATN? What are your symptoms? /

you can read my story above. I am still waiting for a proper diagnosis from a neurologist as my appt is a month out. I did decide to dissolve the filler and will be doing it next week to relieve any potential compression on the peripheral trigeminal nerve.

Dear Anka, I was a bit shocked at comments which seemed to say “If you don’t have the same symptoms/feel the same way I do, it is not TN”. Some of us are lucky and do have a milder case. When I have an attack, it it horrible and I cannot do a thing but drink ice water… constantly…and up my daily Gabapentin. However most of my days I have only slight pain. On the other hand, we get so accustomed to feeling pain we may have forgotten what it is like NOT to have it…

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Pain is pain. Sorry you are in pain.

I agree.