TN Flare Up Pinched Nerve

I was diagnosed with TN in Jan. 2012 and had an MVD in Dec. 2013. They repaired 3 compressions. I’ve never been totally pain free and have remained on 200 mg. of Tegretol. I have flare ups now and then but usually some extra Tegretol will take care of it. About 2 and a half weeks ago I had a flare up. Extra Tegretol didn’t do the trick, and I thought it might have been brought on because I ran out of my antidepressant, Wellbutrin. I’ve been back on the Wellbutrin for almost a week and am taking 800 mg of Tegretol. The pain is so bad that I can hardly talk, eat, or drink. I’m a teacher and missed 4 days of school last week. But here’s what I’ve discovered. If I lay on my left side, most of the pain goes away. It will also give me a 10-15 min. reprieve so I can eat or drink. I’m wondering if it could be a pinched nerve. The pain is the usual excruciating shock, and I get it if I as much as move a muscle in my face. Any ideas? I’m getting desperate.

I have a fused vertebrae in my neck that is causing pinched nerve on my left side from shoulder to hand and I have wondered if it is connected to nerve in face. I have been sleeping propped up. I clench my teeth when I sleep and that makes it worse. Any movement, eating, drinking, talking,hurts, brushing teeth,leaning over, laughing whatever. At least I am home and don’t have to see anyone. For me two extra strength Tylenol help with little zaps so I can sleep a couple hours at a time and the B12 vitamin. When I am desperate Canna drops CBD Theraputic Relief which is legal here with Doctor ok. Just knowing there are others who understand the pain helps to make it to another day. I am so impressed with the strength of the people I have read of on this site. Makes me want to try harder to make it to the good days. Hang in there. MD

I also have pain that comes on only when I am in certain positions laying down. I also have neck issues and am convinced they are related or that it is somehow structural at least. That something is putting pressure on the nerve.