TN Flare and emotions

Hello all…Severe TN Flare today… It seems crying makes it worse… My almost 2 year old son is gone for the weekend for the first time away from me to have supervised visitation with his father who is an alcoholic and prescriptioner drug abuser…it was a shock… I was expecting a couple hours on a weekend not a whole weekend… But I have to deal with it…Resting and hoping pain from all … Broken heart and TN flare gets better soon.

This must be really rough and the stress never helps. I can't imagine your worry, you are in my thoughts and prayers that your son will be safe and sound and that your TN will calm. Be very good to yourself this weekend, hoping you can call and check with his father and have some peace of mind. Wish I had better words of wisdom, just know you are being thought of and your son as well.

Sending gentle hugs,


so hard! my neice is going through the same thing (minus the tn) she just has to pray that

God will keep the kids safe... she hopes that their dad will clean up his act for the sake of the kids...

hope you can get the pain under control and do something good for you--

I took a long walk in the woods today and the trees are beautiful--

-- hang in there!!!

I know what you are saying about crying. I was at a funeral the other day for a child who lost her battle to cancer. Although I wanted to cry sooooo bad I knew if I did I have to pay a BIG price for it. I felt so bad about it because so many people kept looking at and know thinking 'she is so cold hearted.' The best thing I can tell you is to take the time and focus on God. I am wishing you the best!!

Hi, crying is one of the worst triggers for me which is difficult because I've always been a crier and living with TN makes me cry. Crying used to be such a good release for me now I'm afraid to. I hope as you adjust to this new arrangement you will be able feel that he is safe and you can find peace with this. And I hope the TN will settle down and that you can get some good rest so that when your son comes home you can feel nothing but joy...Everyone here is so nice. So many kind, comforting words.

Thank y’all so much…my mom came and kidnapped me for the weekend. I am crossing my fingers that the TN flare has calmed down … Lidocaine patches and klonopin…I finally get to see a neurologist Tuesday!! I am counting down minuting and hours till I see my heart again!!!

Wishful thinking about TN Flare better… Trying compound cream this morning…and relaxation techniques!