TN flare a year after MVD?

Anyone flare a year or more after MVD? It will be two years in June since my MVD on left side (bilateral - first MVD on right side). I’m flared on left-not as severe as before surgery, but debilitating for the last week. Wondering if anyone else experienced this? Thank you.

My first MVD (right side) lasted about 7 years, then it returned with a vengeance (same side). My second MVD is holding now for a couple of years, but I have experienced very small twinges (on both left and right and never had a problem with the left before), and sometimes just that tightening feeling you get in your face before you get zapped. I have used meditation a lot over many years, and I find it helps a LOT with stress, and I think it's stress more than anything else that can trigger a return of the beast. When I do feel a twinge, I immediately go into relax mode: Lie down, do some breathing exercises (mouth open so the jaw doesn't clench) involving inhaling deeply and exhaling very slowly, and just continue in a rhythmic way like that. I ALWAYS practice unclenching the jaw - when you're conscious of it, you'll be amazed how often you do it - so I just always try to keep it loose and it seems to work for me.

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Hi Lee,

I had MVD on my right side in October 2009. Almost one year to the day, I had a flare too. Fortunately, I had my yearly checkup with my surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, when it started. He had just returned from a TN conference where they had discussed this phenomena. They are not sure why this happens in a “successful” surgery. There are a few theories, but no conclusions. The strange thing is that it seems to reoccur around the anniversary of the surgery, especially the first couple of years after the procedure.

I consider my surgery successful even though I still take Neurontin. I have not had a debilitating attack in years, but I still experience some numbness and twinges at times.

Hang in there! Hopefully it will calm down soon and continue to heal!


Hi lee,

I have a similar story to others. About a year after a successful mvd, I’ve started with attacks of TN again. I’m due to go back to the surgeon so will be discussing it them. I suggest you try to get an app with your surgeon to discuss.

I do agree with Maureen - stress is a trigger for me, and the jaw clenching is down thing we do because we are in pain… But it actually makes it worse. It’s worth seeing a pain management specialist if you can.


I have bi-lateral TN. Had left side MVD Feb 2015 and right side MVD March 1 of this year. After the first surgery I had lots of pain which was lessening over the year as my right side flared up to the point of wanting the second surgery. I woke up after the second surgery with my TN almost pain free (not surgical pain free). I think it is reduced by 80 % which is HUGE for me. I’ve had TN for 30+ years. I’ve noticed a few more pains this past week however, I am only in recovery 5 weeks thus far. I know stress makes it worse. I am hoping it will all lessen as the time goes by. I appreciate everyone’s comments, helps me to see what may happen for me and or affirms what is happening now so I don’t feel so unique. I am on no medication except Tylenol and white wine. Good luck and best wishes to everyone.

Lee, I’m sorry to hear you are having some “issues”.
I don’t have anything to add to what others have already said other than I wish you strength & courage.
I am 3 1/2 years post MVD & continue to be pain free.
You are in my thoughts.