TN back after MVD & need dental work

Hoping someone has information for me! I had MVD surgery 4 months ago! Had slight irritAtion sense then, went to dentist last week for checkup and cleaning. Wondered before if my TN was coming back. Now no without a dowt its back and progressing quickly. Do have two cavities on that side and appointment in two days for deep cleaning! I’m petrified to go. Does anyone know if it will make the pain worse? Need to have teeth worked on as its been years due to pain.
I’ve never had a cavity before, they said I might need root canal. Could this actually just be a cavity? Feels just like my TN did? Cavity in back of mouth on upper jaw, pain once again upper & lower jaw to front of mouth, don’t no if I’m just losing my mind! Any info would be great!
Just moved from LA to San Francisco so haven’t found neurologist here yet to consult.

find a sedation dentist - I finally gave in last year and got a cleaning and a couple cavities filled - they put me right under and I woke up all clean and cavity free - was excellent