TN/ATN/AFP - I told my story to CNN and they are going to do a story!

I told my story to CNN and they are now planning to run a story just before the awareness day on October 7th.

The more views the story gets the more interest it shows. That tells CNN that people want to see a story about facial pain on CNN.

Please read my story...if you don't mind sharing it from the CNN page and voting for it to be on CNN that would be awesome. But if you just open the link and read it...that shows as another viewing.

Thank you for taking the time to read it.

I will update everyone when CNN are running the story.


Voted and hoping!

Thank you Jackie!

CNN ARE running a TN story prior to our First International Awareness Day 7th October 2013.

The more views, the more people share the story from the CNN page and the more votes we get, the more public interest it shows. I will update you when I know more about the story and when it will be shown.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read!

Please read the stories and share. It is so important we get CNN to keep listening!

Every single view of my story shows CNN that people want to see a story about facial pain on CNN. Every person who takes a look helps us get our voice out there!

Thank you!

Please just take a peek at my story. This is so crucial to CNN running this story. They’ve approved that they are running a story but it’s important to show public interest. So please, please view it and share it or comment. Anything…just please don’t ignore it. Thank you folks!

Please, please read my story that I uploaded on CNN iReports. It has been approved by CNN and they say they’re running a story on the awareness day - Oct 7th.
However, it is really important that the story continues to grab people’s attention so CNN can see that the story needs to be out there. Please have a look and please, when you’re on the site, share the page using the twitter, Facebook or email button. Thank you so much!