TN and Lyme Disease?

Is there any relation to TN and Lyme Disease? I had Lyme very badly as a child and was just wondering if that could have been the reason I have Bilateral TN. I know, I am waiting for Godot here. I guess it could just explain why on my FIESTA MRI no compressions were found. I hear Lyme can cause nerve damage. Anyone else out there with a similar experience?

Thanks in advance. We all just want to know WHY, don't we?

Yes we all want to know why…part of the process of grieving…

Put it into search box here, there are others who have posted they have Lyme too

Hello LBHiker,

I also wonder about this (I have so many things going on besides TN) and have put it in the searchbox like KcDancer suggests. Good info.

Never give up,