TN and hormones

I am always trying to figure out reasons why I have this terrible affliction. I am consistently in my worst pain during PMS & my time of the month. I know this is true for a lot of us ladies out there. I am wondering if anyone has had this correlation explored by their Dr or Neuro? Or have tried hormone therapies or any other related treatments for their TN or ATN?

I 'm taking a complete stab in the dark here but could it be fluid build up? The same thing that gives you headaches and tender breasts?

I am shure hormones have got a lot to do with it. My TN1 started when pre/peri-menopause kicked in. Also I keep a diary of my cycle ánd my TN. About at the same times each cycle TN is worse/less.

The 'Stab in de dark' is a really good one I think too.

And: we lady's do swell or un-swell due to hormones.

Hormones also trigger migraines, and migraines travel along the trigeminal nerve.

Lot to think about... ;-)

Not always, sometimes. Paracetamol or sleeping it over. Time of the month doesn't affect my TN at all.