TN and Hashimoto/hypothyroidism are they linked?

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with TN (all three branches on left side), then a few months later after having being monitored taking Tegretol I was diagnosed with Hashimoto. I wasn’t surprised at this stage as females on my mums side of family have a tendency to have Hashimoto. However, just recently after hitting a brick wall with TN pain management - no medicines have helped control or lessen pain and after a failed MVD, I began to wonder what was going on with my body. I am still waiting to see a neurologist to discuss new issues that have arisen involving new facial/nerve pain on my TN side - but not typically symptoms of TN (shocks in tongue and pain tracking down neck) as well as new worsening pain on my right (non TN) side that are symptomatic of TN. I started looking into possible reasons why this neuropathic pain was occurring and wondered if two conditions were connected? I have just started on a gluten free diet to see if this helps in any way. Any help/constructive thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Melissa