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Tirgeminal nerve block


i am scheduled to have my first trigeminal nerve block. I had a major facial reconstruction in 2009 a nerve decompression in 2011 and now my first nerve block. I am nervous and would like opinions, advice or experiences please!


Hi Mel,I understand you being nervous after all you have been through. My experience of having quite a few over the last 20 years was they were never painful other then the pushing and prodding to make sure where the needle needed to go in at and after 2-4 times of doing it that way I suggested going in,in excatly the same spot the pain was starting at.Sometimes they seemed to help a little, and even that I’m not real sure of.It did get to a point after a couple years I realized it wsa not helping and never had any more.I hopeI didn’t confuse you and I wish you the best.I think it’s always hard and scary when it is something we aren’t sure of, I know most of the time after we lert the hospital we went and did somethig fun. soft hugs, fawn


Thank you Dawn! I just needed to hear from someone that has been in my shoes what it’s like. This disease has taken over my life and it means more than my words can express you taking the time to write that. I am afraid it is not going to help but so desperate I’ll try anything. If it is unsuccessful I will be meeting with another surgeon. So we will wait and see. Thank you again


Be advised that many doctors who do nerve blocks wold probably also inform you that it may take more than one over a period of a few days to weeks, to get lasting effects.

Regards, Red


Thank you for the info. I am def overwhelmed And very nervous! Your advice is very helpful and I appreciate it so much!


Hi All… my dilemma … I was given a trigeminal nerve block on June 26, 2017. Worked great!! No pain for a 6 weeks. Recently the pain and burning came back. I was on Lyrical / Baclofen and then tapered off of it as I was gaining weight.

So now, I started to get pain again albeit nothing like before… starting Oxcarbazine and going to have another nerve block in September.

Do what are your thoughts on this… :slight_smile:


My Dr just offered me nerve blocks since I’m having a flare up. Can you tell me how long in total you had pain relief? Were there any negative effects? Thx!


Hummingbird. - How did you respond to the Oxcrbarbapazne. I suffer from Glossopharyngeal neuralgia. and that drug just destroys me, it makes me so sic